Constructed Response Rubric s1

Mathematics Benchmark

Constructed Response Marking Scheme

Grade Level: 9

Item Description: Paxolai Video Game

Mathematical Content

1 point: (The “answer” point)

• Any answer that indicates the cost would be less if the 25% discount was applied first should be given a point.

• Student responses such as “decreased”, “goes down”, “less”, “cheaper”, etc.

• Given the specific directions in this prompt, only score this point if the response is placed in (or near) the answer line; if an incorrect answer is indicated in the answer line but a correct answer is stated in the process box, this particular point is not earned.

Mathematical Process

2 points:

• Student provides evidence of developing 2 procedures of the final price with each procedure using correct reasoning; calculations may have minor errors or general estimations of final price; again, correct reasoning means the student understands percent.

• Student sets up an explanation demonstrating an accurate understanding of percent at deriving the answer without all calculations presented.

1 point:

• Student accurately provides reasoning of a final price for one procedure but does not provide any evidence of a second procedure or comparison to a second procedure.

• Student provides evidence of two procedures but only 1 procedure indicates accurate reasoning. (A student’s understanding of percent is used to assess reasoning.)

0 points:

• Student provides a completely incorrect explanation or justification; response cannot be interpreted or there is no response.

• Student does not understand percent as related to the question.

• Student provides unconnected or inaccurate calculations as reasoning for response.

• Student is unable to provide evidence of understanding the problem.

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