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About the Funds

The Sacramento Zoo Conservation Fund was initiated in 2003 by the Sacramento Zoological Society to support conservation efforts of the Zoo locally and globally.

The Sacramento Zoo is committed to responsible stewardship of the earth through its daily operation, educational programming and funding of conservation grants. The grant award program is overseen by the Committee which represents all aspects of the Sacramento Zoo. Funding can be up to $2,000 unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

Projects should emphasize conservation of species or habitats, conservation education, applied conservation biology or conservation policy. Projects need to have a sponsor from within the Sacramento Zoo and those projects which provide opportunities for Sacramento Zoo staff participation will be given priority. Well prepared proposals should:

  1. Clearly and succinctly state the importance of the topic and clearly document the need for the specific project or study. Endorsement by other organizations including SSPs, TAGs and FIGs is encouraged.
  2. Be logistically feasible with a design that is clear and appropriate. Collaborative projects are encouraged and projects should include an educational component.
  3. Clearly state the roles of all project participants and document the participant’s qualifications for their respective roles. Include letters of support from all participants and their institutions. Include copies of all needed permits.
  4. Request support for one year only. Support will be evaluated annually and repeat funding is possible. Salaries and overhead costs are rarely funded. Partial funding may be available.
  5. If funded, the submitter must provide the Sacramento Zoo a final report on the project and at least 3 images relating to the project for use by the Zoo.
  6. Demonstrate the specific need for the project. Preference is given to projects that address critical needs.
  7. Explain how proposed sample sizes are appropriate for the proposed statistical analyses and study/methodological design.
  8. Identify connections to zoo, aquarium or local conservation priorities both in situ and ex situ.
  9. Be a good value in that the usefulness of the proposed results outweighs the proposed costs.
  10. Have a high probability of success and a measurable success.
  11. Have a strong link to the Sacramento Zoo, its staff, and captive collection.

Sacramento Zoo Conservation Fund Mission Statement

The mission of the Sacramento Zoo Conservation Fund is to help preserve the world’s diversity of species and habitats by providing funding for wildlife research and conservation projects. The Fund is committed to active cooperation with a worldwide network of conservation organizations, researchers, educators and students.

The focus of the Sacramento Zoo Conservation Committee is to support wildlife education and conservation. As more than recreational facilities, zoos have extended goals: to preserve endangered species and habitats; and to educate the visiting public on these important issues.

The goals of the SZCF include:

□ Support of in-zoo and field research programs and conservation efforts

□ Support of local and regional conservation efforts

□ Development or support of projects that focus on wild populations of vanishing species, with preference given to the Sacramento Zoo’s commitment to the Thick Billed Parrot SSP® and to the Mangabey SSP®

□ Support of projects designed to foster public education concerning preservation and conservation of wildlife and wild habitats

Instructions for Application

A completed application includes:

  1. This form (save and complete electronically)
  2. Additional documents where indicated in this application
  3. A CV (required)

Submission of more detailed articles and reports are encouraged.

Send all application materials to:

Sacramento Zoological SocietyDate Submitted:

Attn: Dr. Ray Wack

3930 West Land Park Drive

Sacramento, Ca 95822

Electronic submissions:

Applicant’s name:


Applicant’s affiliation:


Phone: E-mail: Fax:

If approved, make check payable to:


Title of project:

Geographic location:

Proposed Start date: Proposed duration:

Amount requested: $ Sacramento Zoo Contact Person:

Will partial funding be accepted? Yes No

Description of project: (Please attach a 1 page description if needed)

Field contacts:

Project goals:


Benefits to indigenous people:

Description of educational component:

Budget- include other sources of support:

If on-going project, list results to date:

Intent to publish? Where and when:

Please attach any letters of support for the project and copies of any permits needed to conduct the project.

If applicant is affiliated with a university, please enclose a copy of your institution review results concerning your proposal. Also, where applicable, please enclose a copy of your Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee’s (IACUC) policy.

Please attach a resume or CV for all principle participants in the project.

Please send completed application, all supporting documents and resume/CV in one package to:

Sacramento Zoological Society

Attn: Dr. Ray Wack

3930 West Land Park Drive

Sacramento, Ca 95822