Comprehensive Grant Application Components

Comprehensive Grant Application Components

AGM Common Proposal Form Instructions

Before You Begin

Take time to do your homework.Thorough research on a prospectivegrantmaker’s current funding philosophy, program interests and criteria will save you time and effort. Every grantmaker willhave different guidelines, priorities, and deadlines.

There are many resources to help you in your grants research.Databases such as the Foundation Directory Online (FDO), AGM’s Grant Maker Directory (GMD), and Guidestar, can help you to locate appropriate grantmakers for your cause.

You can access these databases at AGM’s Resource Center for Philanthropy (RCP). Please contact AGM at if you would like to learn more about our research services and membership options.

Once you have confirmed that there is a match between your organization’s request and the grantmaker’s funding interest, you will also need to:

Confirm that your proposal meets the funder’s stated guidelines in areas such as:

  • geographic location
  • population served
  • type of funding (i.e. general operating, program support)

Adhere to deadline dates.

Make sure that the grantmaker accepts the AGM Common Application Forms.

The AGM Formshave been designed to streamline the proposal process. If you have questions regarding any of these forms, you can contact AGM by email at . If you have questions specific toa grantmaker, please refer to theirguidelines or contact them directly if appropriate.

The AGM Forms include the following:

Cover Sheet

The Cover Sheet contains general information about your organization. The areas that are tinted in yellow are modifiable.

Full Proposal Narrative

The Full Proposal Narrative should be accompanied by the Cover Sheet. We recommend that the final Full Proposal Narrativebe no longer than five (5) single-spaced pages. Be sure to refer to each grantmaker’s guidelines for their recommended length and formatting requirements.

This form is divided into two sections:

  • Organizational Information (1 pg. total)
  • Proposal Information (3-4 pgs. total)

To fill in a field, put your cursor into the yellow shaded area and type.

Project & Organization Budget Summary

First, confirm that the grantmaker to whom you are applying accepts the AGM Budget Summary.

The Budget Summary is a writeable Excel document that provides grantmakers with a proposal request, program and organizational budget on one worksheet. The form will calculate the totals and the percentages. You can insert line items in either the income or expense sections as needed.

The Income and Expense information is broken out by This Request, Total Project Budget (shaded in yellow) and Total Organizational Budget (shaded in blue). For example, your requested amount might be $20,000. Enter that amount in the column marked This Request and expenses related to the requested amount. The total budget for the project might be $100,000. In the column titled Total Project Budget complete the income sources and enter total project expenses for the project. Finally, the total organizational budget might be $500,000. Under that section, enter all income sources, including the project’s income sources. Then enter the total organizational budget expenses. Be sure to enter your organization name at the top of the worksheet, along with your Federal ID Number and the Budget Periodin which the grant will be spent in the spaces provided.

Diversity Data Form

This form is provided to represent AGM’s dedication and commitment to diversity. It has been adapted from the Hyams Foundation Diversity Form and used by AGM with their permission.

The Diversity Form is a writeable Excel document to provide information about your organization. Information provided should represent the number and percentages at the time of your submission of this proposal.This form may not be required by all foundations.

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