Class Goals and Objectives

Class Goals and Objectives

Richlands High School

Health & PE-Syllabus

Instructors: Coach Roed
Coach Marshburn / Email: or
Planning: 2nd period and 1st period / Website:
Link- “school staff”, then teacher name
Room: Gymnasium / Phone: 910-324-4191

Course Description: Students will be able to assess their own health status and understand the relationship of healthful living to their quality of life. They will be able to develop an awareness of their own control in the area of stress management, as well as, accept responsibility for the prevention of major health risks. Students will be able to demonstrate conflict resolution skills and understand concepts of fitness and lifetime wellness. Students will improve the character and leadership qualities by developing critical thinking, building basic skills, emphasizing positive in attitude and promoting essential components of character and leadership. Students will accept responsibility for personal fitness and demonstrate a variety of skills needed for being active. This course enables students to reflect on their own personal experiences, development, background and ethics while respecting the viewpoint of others:

Class Goals and Objectives:

  1. The learner will direct personal health behaviors in accordance with own health status and susceptibility to major health risks.
  2. The learner will apply the skills of stress management to the prevention of serious health risks for self and others.
  3. The learner will apply relationship skills to the promotion of health and the prevention of risk.
  4. The learner will develop critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  5. The learner will achieve and maintain an acceptable level of health-related fitness.
  6. The learner will exhibit regular physical activity.


  1. Lap top
  2. Athletic shorts or sweat pants (NO JEANS)
  3. T-Shirt
  4. Athletic Shoes (NO BOOTS)
  5. Socks


  1. Be on time.
  2. Always be respectful
  3. No food, drinks, or gum is allowed in gym.
  4. No electronic usage unless directed by teacher
  5. No hats


  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Detention/Contact Parent
  3. Referral to office


  1. When entering the gym, Girls will enter the doors located in front of girl’s locker room. Boys will enter the doors located in front of the boy’s locker room.
  2. Stay off the court, unless participating in activity
  3. Students will have seven minutes to dress and return to their squad on the gym floor. If this becomes a problem points will be deducted as needed.
  4. Everyone will take part in a dynamic warm-up followed by the day’s activities.
  5. At the end of class students will get dressed and return to their assigned area to be dismissed.
  6. Must wait at half court, girls on one side and boys on the other until bell rings
  7. Students need to understand that the locker rooms will be closed and locked during class and only in case of an emergency will be opened.
  8. We will use the restrooms in the Commons Area.
  9. There are to be no students in the ice room or Coaches’ offices.
  10. ABSOULETLY no horseplay will be accepted during activities.

Make up Work

In the event you are absent, you will have to do a make-up assignment. The make-up work for missing PE will consist of doing a mini research paper on a sport of your choice. If you do not turn in the make-up work, you will receive a zero. This will count as a participation grade.

Grading Policy


Dressing out30%

Health Assignments 20%

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