Cheer Guild Director S Report October 2017

Cheer Guild Director S Report October 2017

Cheer Guild Director’s Report October 2017

Dear Cheer Guild Board Members,

Here is an update for July/August 2017.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ann Hannan, MT-BC

Riley Cheer Guild Director

(317) 948-3584

1) Meetings/Presentations/Contacts

i) Nicolette Illiano; Encourage Kids

ii) Bryant Walters; Riley Dock: Delivery Coordination

iii) Meranda Cooper: Logansport High School Basket Ball Team Toy Drive

iv) Mended Little Hearts Donation

v) Latanya Malone: Light Covers for ED

vi) Kimberly Lloyd: Musician Volunteer Program

vii) Anita McNary: Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest

viii) Blaire Langlois; Katz, Sapper & Miller: School Supply Donation and Tour

ix) Katie Haas: Family donation and toy room tour

x) Rockville Correctional Facility:

xi) Susan Sears: Donation process update for NICU

xii) CL Zone Backyard Staff Orientation

xiii) Amelia Schlichting: Student Interview

xiv) Ashley Flamme: Employee Ongoing Support and Survey Item Action Planning

xv) Lyndsay Syswerda; new complete life coordinator: Orientation to Toy Room

xvi) UnCorked Wine Race

xvii) IHAA Convention Presentation and Session Attendance

xviii) Mullis Family Donation

xix) Mears Family Donation

xx) IHAA Donation

xxi) Frieda Cosby Donation

xxii) Dana Spence Donation

xxiii) Anne Mohl: Webinar Prep

xxiv) Cohen/Coan Financial Donation

xxv) Integrated Care Management Meeting: Handmade Items Update

xxvi) Angela Ridenour; Lunar Strategies: Website and donor tracking update; brochure design

xxvii) Bob Smith: Warren Township Lion’s Club Meeting

xxviii) Schmadeke Family Donation and Tour

xxix) Cook Family Donation

xxx) Rebecca Doane; Books A Million: Toy and Book Drive

xxxi) Juliet King, Chad Stearns, Lindsay Syswerda: CAT Collaboration

xxxii) Ruth Williams: IHAA Follow Up

xxxiii) Shelley Bethel: U13 Baseball Tour and Donation Preparation

xxxiv) Nikki Sharpton; Extended Stay: Hope Bear Donation

xxxv) Playmakers Workshop

xxxvi) Chad Mills; Rob Dixon; Dean Weseli: Music Committee Brainstorming

xxxvii) Donor Tours of Toyroom

xxxviii) Bi-Monthly Meetings with President Dean Weseli

xxxix) Guy Ford; Honeywell: Security Cameras on 4th Floor

xl) Riley Leadership Council Meeting

xli) Weekly Music Therapy Team Meetings

xlii) Monthly Rounding with each Music Therapist

xliii) Monthly Rounding with COO, Paul Haut

xliv) Monthly Rounding with Child Life Manager, Sara Barnett

xlv) ToyRoom Update Meetings, Teresa Ray

xlvi) Gift Shop Update Meetings, Sara Wigman

xlvii) Admin Update Meetings, Teresa Harper

xlviii) Monthly Rounding with Susan Schwarz Vol Services

xlix) Monthly Check In: Art Therapy, Child Life, Music Therapy, School

2) Tasks

a) Fundraising

i) Music Committee Meeting

ii) Cohen/Coan Memorial Donation

iii) Prep for UnCorked Race

(1) Coordination of Volunteers

(2) Thank you letters

iv) Participation in new hire graduation at Rockville Correctional Facility/Donation

b) Handmade Items

i) Update website

ii) Identify handmade item donors to create a mailing list to notify donors of new changes

iii) Communicating with staff regarding specific questions

c) Toy Room Support

i) Sorting items

ii) Greeting donors

iii) Organizing puppy pillows

iv) Ordering bags/labels

d) Donation Support

i) Tri Kappa Membership Support (Clarifying online membership designation)

ii) Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest; Collecting, sorting, and returning donation to clinic area

iii) Children’s Wish Foundation Monthly Donation

iv) Sorting of EnCourage Kids bears for Teddy Bear Clinic in CL Zone and social media postings

v) Connecting Christ Starfish with dialysis and rehab

vi) Giving Tuesday Volunteer Invite for Volgistics system

e) Website and Communication

i) Brochure design with Angela Ridenour

ii) Website requests for ongoing donations and fee disclosures

f) Admin Support

i) Employee Engagement Survey Action Planning

g) Gift Shop Support

i) Sorting new order in CS Giftshop

ii) Supporting need for transfer of funds for erroneously deposited checks

h) Music Therapy Support

i) Employee Engagement Survey Action Planning

ii) Ordering of instruments for IU North MT Program

iii) Brainstorming Office Space Passageway Concerns

Please always feel free to contact me with thoughts, questions, ideas, and suggestions!


Ann Hannan, MT-BC

Director Riley Cheer Guild and Music Therapy

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