Reading & Language:
The graded Figurative Language and Poetry Tests came were sent home on Monday. The tests were worth two grades for Reading and Language. One score was based on the multiple-choice portion of the test. The second writing grade was based on the use of adjectives, figurative language, structure, and poetic elements. How well did your student do?
Students should now be averaging 1.5 points per week in A.R. and have at least 7.5 points by Monday, May 3rd in order to achieve their 9.0 classroom goal by mid-May.
How did barn swallows get their tails?
Why does the wind blow in different directions and speeds?
How did the sun and moon get in the sky? How did the tiger get its’ stripes?
Why does a turtle have such a unique shell?
Find out the answers by asking your student what he or she discovered in the pourquoi tales they read this week. These traditional tales, based on regions and customs, explain how or why something in nature came into existence.
This week, students reviewed how to divide VCV and VCCV words into syllables by listening for the long or short initial vowel sound. Long vowel sound words were separated after the vowel (de/cide). Short vowel sound words were divided after the consonant (clev/er). The competition between 4C and 4D to earn the most 100% this quarter is close. 4C has 80 tests and 4D has 75! Keep studying!
Have a nice, warm, and SUN/NY weekend!
Mrs. Huddlestun / Science:
This week in science, students began working on a force and motion unit. We began this unit by creating detailed maps from our classroom to the office. This activity helped students to understand that our positions are constantly changing. This activity also helped students understand the term frame of reference.
Students were introduced to many new vocabulary words this week including:

position, motion, frame of reference, relative motion, speed, force, acceleration, and Newton.
The three laws of motion were discussed as well as how Isaac Newton developed these three laws.
In Mathematics, students finished their unit on multiplying larger numbers by two digit numbers. On Thursday, students took a test over content covered the last few weeks. Although the test was challenging, students did a wonderful job! High five boys and girls!
Lastly, in Social Studies, students are
learning about the United States. This week,
students learned the abbreviations of 24 of
the 50 states. In class, students also
completed a worksheet on whether a location
is a state or not. Students did a fantastic job!
Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!!!
Mrs. Basham

The End of the Year Auction is Quickly Approaching!
As you know students have been earning and saving their “money” for the auction that will be held during the last week of school (date TBA). If you would be willing to donate any of the following items you may find when you “spring clean”, we would greatly appreciate it!
 books
 board games
 costume jewelry
 videos, CDs, DVDs
 household items
 knick-knacks
 CDs
 toys
Nothing has to be new and our only request is that it’s appropriate for school. (“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”)
The fourth graders love getting to bid and “buy” things not only for themselves but also to share with family members.
The more items they have to bid on the more fun it becomes. Thank you for any help you can give us.
Bring your items to homeroom by Friday, May 22nd .

Amber Boudreau is holding a volleyball camp from June 21-23. The cost is $40 per child. Notices were sent home before Spring Break. Forms are due by May 1st. If you have any questions, please email her at . Thanks. /

WHERE: Nash MS/HS Auditorium
WHEN: Monday, May 10th at 7:00 p.m.
WHO: Parents/guardians and 5th
grade student
There will be a presentation, a question & answer session, and a tour of the building.

Friday, May 7th
Students will be writing a “How To” paper in Language and doing a demonstration during the week of May 17th. Their topics must be decided upon and submitted on Friday, May 7th. More project information will be coming next week.

Grades were written in your student’s assignment book this week. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to or .