Charge After Raising

Charge After Raising


Given immediately after the Presentation of the Working Tools.

WM (to SD) – Brother SD, place our newly-made Master Mason in the centre of the Lodge.

SD takes Can. to the centre of the Lodge beneath the G and turns him facing E. SD then resumes his seat.

WM – I now call upon Bro ……… to give the Charge.

BGC goes to a position NE of the M’s pedestal if a MM and SE of the M’s pedestal if a PM.

BGC – Brother ………, your zeal for the institution of Freemasonry, the progress which you have made in the art, and your conformity to the general regulations, have pointed you out as a proper object of our favour and esteem.

In the character of a MM, you are henceforth authorised to correct the errors and irregularities of Brethren and Fellows, and guard them against a breach of fidelity.

To improve the morals and correct the manners of men in society must be your constant care.

With this view, therefore, you are always to recommend to inferiors obedience and submission; to equals, courtesy and affability; to superiors kindness and condescension.

You are to inculcate universal benevolence, and, by the regularity of your own behaviour, afford the best example for the benefit of others.

The Ancient Landmarks of the Order, which are here entrusted to your care, you are to preserve sacred and inviolable, and never suffer an infringement of our rites, or a deviation from established usage and custom.

Duty, honour, and gratitude now bind you to be faithful to every trust, to support with becoming dignity your new character, and to enforce by example and precept the tenets of the system.

Let no motive, therefore, make you swerve from your duty, violate your vows, or betray your trust; but be true and faithful, and imitate the example of that celebrated Artist whom you have once represented.

By this exemplary conduct you will convince the world that merit has been your title to our privileges and that on you our favours have not been undeservedly bestowed

BGC – Bro ………, You now stand for the first time in an open Lodge unsupported by Deacons. As a newly-made Master Mason I give it to you in strong terms of recommendation ever to continue and act as such and perform your duties with satisfaction to yourself and advantage to your Lodge.

BGC walks up to Can., wheels round and stands next to the Can. on Can’s right. BGC takes Can’s RH with his left and raises it.

BGC – Brethren, I present to you Bro. ………, the newly-made Master Mason of Lodge ………… , No. …… , and I call on you to salute him as Master Masons with three, taking the time from me.

BGC lowers Can’s RH and walks forward a few paces and wheels to face Can.

BGC – Upstanding Brethren. To order Brethren. Grand or Royal Sign.

BGC gives Grand or Royal Sign, three times.

BGC – Be seated Brethren.

BGC turns and salutes the Master, and then returns to Can. and escorts him to his seat, giving court bow. BGC then returns to his own seat.