Chandler Naturopathichealth Center

Chandler Naturopathichealth Center

Chandler NaturopathicHealth Center

1301 East Garrison Blvd, Gastonia, NC 28054

PH: 704-864-6423

Consent for Services/Disclaimer

Dr. James Chandler N.D, Ph.D. and Chandler Naturopathic Health Center (CNHC) offerNatural Holistic Health Consultation Services. We provide a health and wellness approach that concentrates on identifying and eliminating the cause of ill health through natural methods and for the maintenance of Wellness as deemed appropriate through the use of Traditional Naturopathic methods and procedures. It is important to understand that Chandler Naturopathic Health Centerdoes NOT diagnosis or treat any specific diseases or conditions, prescribe medicine, pharmaceuticals, or any substances nor perform any invasive medical procedures. We are not a licensed, certified, or registered medical practice, medical doctors/physicians, nutritionists/dietitians or other Allied Healthcare Professionals as defined by the state of NC General Statutes (GS 90).

CNHC may recommend or suggest the use of herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals, digestive aids, enzymes, naturopathic remedies and or homeopathic remedies. These are suggestions only. We make no claim that any of these products will cure, treat or prevent any illness or condition. Efficacy expected from any product or procedure used, can and will vary. These products and procedures have not been evaluated by the FDA, American Medical Association or any state or federal agency. We make recommendations and/orsuggestions based on supplements that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP),independent third party analysis of ingredients and purity, and “Generally Regarded As Safe” GRAS. We are not responsible for any product’s performance or purity.You are advised to discuss any supplemental product with your Allied Health Professional and Pharmacist before taking any supplement.

By your signature below, you are consenting to use our services and in doing so, you acknowledge that the services, methods, and products used in Traditional Naturopathy and all other alternative and complementary (CAM) modalities used by Dr. Chandler and CNHC have not been evaluated nor, approved by the FDA or the state of North Carolina and are considered “Alternative Medicine”. You also acknowledge that these services are not a replacement for medical care provided by a licensed Medical Physician. The use of any products or services should be discussed with your healthcare provider prior to your use. By your signature below, you agree to release Dr. Chandler and CNHC from any and all liability associated with any wellness outcomes derived from this practice, advice, information, or use of products recommended and/or suggested.

All advice, suggestions or recommendations provided by Dr Chandler and CNHC are for informational and educational purposes only and is Not Authorityto Stop orStart any medically prescribed pharmaceuticals or any other medically prescribed health regiment.