Ch 6 Sect 4 Notes-#11

Ch 6 Sect 4 Notes-#11

Texas History

Fort Burrows

6.4 - Texans Fight for Reform

Main Idea:

The promise of the Federalist victory in Mexico caused Texas settlers to push for changes in their government.


federal system – separate states, individually, form a national government

( gives more power to the states )

delegate – a person who is chosen to speak for a group

central government - national government

( gives less power to the individual states )

Setting the Scene:

The smoke had cleared at Velasco. The guns were quiet and the Mexican troops had left Texas. The turmoil that had torn apart Mexico and crippled its government seemed to be over. Santa Anna held power in the country. At last, the settlers had someone who would listen to them. OR DID THEY??

Many of the Texas settlers thought so. They held meetings to talk about the problems they faced in Texas and to suggest solutions to the Mexican government. They wanted to practice the political rights they had known in the United States. These were not rights that were part of the Mexican system.

The settlers tried to be reasonable. They stated their concerns clearly and calmly. Would Mexico actually hear what they had to say ?

Political Fighting in Mexico(Civil War)

Most liberals in Mexico favored a federal system of government
Under the federal system, individual states form a national government
The individual states hold most of the power
Most Texans sided with the Federalists / Centralists
Centralists favored a strong central government that would hold most of the power
Under a central government, individual states have little power
The Centralists passed the Law of April 6, 1830, which placed power in the hands of a few leaders

Federalist Party: the states of Mexico would hold more power

Centralist Party: a few leaders would control the entire country

Texans favored the Federalists which was most similar to the US

The Centralists had passed the Law of April 6, 1830

The Leader of the Federalists was General Santa Anna who the Texans had pledged their loyalty to following the Turtle Bayou Resolutions

These resolutions stated the reasons why the Texan settlers were protesting the Mexican government

Texas settlers pledged their loyalty to Santa Anna, the leader of the Federalists;they hoped he would win the Civil War in Mexico

In 1832, Texas delegates met at San Felipe de Austin

They wanted Texas to become a separate Mexican state

They also wanted immigration from the US to resume

Under Mexican law, the Convention of 1832 was not a legal meeting

The governor of the department of Texas refused to forward the Texas delegates’ requests to the Mexican government

The Convention of 1832

Chosen leader – Stephen F Austin
Texans met in San Felipe de Austin to discuss their problems
Changes that the Texans would demand
1) let Texas be separate from the larger Mexican state called Coahuila y Texas
2) let Americans settle in Texas again /
Location of San Felipe, Texas

Results: The Mexican Governor of Texas,Ramon Musquiz { moos-kees }, said the meeting was illegal under Mexican law, therefore he refused to send the requests to Mexico City, so the convention failed.

Santa Anna’s Federalists won the Civil War in Mexico.

He became the President of the country

Santa Anna’s victory in Mexico’s Civil War prompted

Texas delegates to hold another convention.

The Convention of 1833

Delegates requested:

Chosen leader – William H Wharton April 27, 1802 – March 14, 1839

“I now proceed to demonstrate that the Mexicans are wholly
incapable of self-government, and
that our liberties, our fortunes and our lives are insecure
so long as we are connected with them.” William H. Wharton

Wharton accidentally shot and killed himself while dismounting from his horse near Hempstead in Waller County, Texas. Wharton County and Wharton, Texas (the county seat) are named for him.

They would make the same two demands from 1832 along with the following:

better mail service

improved defense against Native American raids

reform of the courts

the right to use English in business and law

an end to the immigration ban

more money for schools

that Texas become a separate Mexican state

A committee headed by Sam Houston drafted a state constitution for Stephen F. Austin to deliver to Mexican officials

The Texans basically wanted to have more representation within the Texas state government of Mexico

SFA set out for Mexico City with the demands and new constitution

1.Under a federal government system, who holds most of the power?

A.the national governmentB.individual states

C.religious leadersD.military leaders

2.Under a central government system, who holds most of the power?

A.the national governmentB.individual states

C.religious leadersD.military leaders

3.Who were the Texas settler’s representatives at the 1832 & 1833 Conventions ?

A. Travis and HoustonB. Austin and Wharton

C. Austin and HoustonD. Wharton and Travis

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