91523 Sample Assessment Schedule

91523 Sample Assessment Schedule

NCEA Level 3 Physics 91523 (3.3) page 1 of 6.SAMPLE ASSESSMENT SCHEDULE.Physics 91523 (3.3): Demonstrate understanding of wave systems.Assessment Criteria.Evidence Statement.NØ = No response; no relevant evidence.NCEA Level 3 Physics 91523 (3.3) page 1 of 6

The Flow of Energy out of the Sun s1

The Flow of Energy Out of the Sun.Student Manual.A Manual to Accompany Software for.the Introductory Astronomy Lab Exercise.Edited by Lucy Kulbago, John Carroll Univeristy.The Solar Atmosphere 4.The Solar Interior 4.Getting Started 4.Starting the Program 5.Exercise 1: Interaction 5

Physics in Dance and Dance

Physics in Dance and Dance.to Represent PhysicAL Processes.CAPOCCHIANI Vilma, (I), LORENZI Marcella (I), MICHELINI Marisa, (I).ROSSI Anna Maria, (I), STEFANEL Alberto (I).Abstract. Physics and dance are, apparently, very distant topics. Nevertheless dance

Torsion Field Attributes

Torsion Field Attributes.These were excerpted from David G. Yurth s unpublished book Seeing Past The Edge ..A sizable list of attributes has been experimentally identified which demonstrates that the torsion field operates holographically, without regard

Reversible Computing: Quantum Computing S Practical Cousin

Reversible Computing: Quantum Computing s Practical Cousin.Michael P. Frank, University of Florida, CISE Dept., Invited general introductory lecture, James H. Simons Conference on Quantum and Reversible Computation, Stony Brook, NY, May 28-31, 2003

Measuring Speed and Acceleration

Average Acceleration Lab.1. Measure out 10 meters on the ground. Mark both ends. Now have.a partner time you as you walk starting at zero to 10 meters. Do this 3 times. Write.your times below in seconds. As you do the lab don t forget appropriate units!.Now help your partner(s) do their walk

Year 10 Classical Physics Revision Stage 2

Year 10 Classical Physics Revision Stage 2.1. State which of Newtons 3 laws applies to each of the following situations. Also state each of the laws and give your own everyday example for each law.(i) A sailing boat experiences a wind shift and is briefly deflected away from its initial direction

A) Determine the Speed of the Projectile As a Function of T

1. Consider a projectile of mass m launched vertically upward with an initial speed vo. Atmospheric friction is proportional to the speed with a proportionality constant k. Use the appropriate equations of motion to answer the questions below

Unsteady State Conduction in a Solid

EXPERIMENT NO. 4-4 (revised 2011).UNSTEADY STATE CONDUCTION IN A SOLID.The objective of this experiment is to study unsteady-state conduction and to determine the thermal conductivity of the solid. If all the necessary physical properties of the solid

Lab: Uniform Circular Motion

LAB: UNIFORM CIRCULAR MOTION.Centripetal Force Apparatus.Slotted Mass Set with Weight Hanger.Triple Beam Balance.The purpose of this experiment is to observe a rotating object, use circular motion equations to calculate the centripetal force acting on

Physics 7440 Spring 2003

Physics 7440 Spring 2003.1. Marder 16.1. Bloch oscillations.Bloch oscillations, the motion of an electron in real space due to evolution through the Brillouin zone due to an applied electric field, is one of the simpler predictions of the semiclassical

Finding the Impulse Response

Finding the Impulse Response.Prof. Brian L. Evans.The University of Texas at Austin.Consider a causal linear time-invariant continuous-time system with input x(t) and output y(t) that is governed by a differential equation of the form

Gradient Shadow Pattern Reveals Refractive Index of Liquid

Supplementary Information.Gradient shadow pattern reveals refractive index of liquid.Wonkyoung Kim and Dong Sung Kim*.Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), 77 Cheongam-ro, Pohang 37673, Republic of Korea

Iron Arsenides with Three-Dimensional Feas Layer Networks: Can(N+1)/2(Fe1 Xptx)(2+3N)Ptn(N

Supporting Information.Iron arsenides with three-dimensional FeAs layer networks: Can(n+1)/2(Fe1 xPtx)(2+3n)Ptn(n 1)/2As(n+1)(n+2)/2 (n = 2, 3).Naoyuki Katayama1, Seiichiro Onari2, Kazuyuki Matsubayashi3, Yoshiya Uwatoko4 and Hiroshi Sawa1

FORCES and NEWTON S LAWS of MOTION February 8, 2016

FORCES and NEWTON S LAWS of MOTION February 8, 2016

FORCES AND NEWTON S LAWS OF MOTION February 8, 2016.What is a force?.A force is a push or pull that causes an object to move, stop, or change direction.In physics, a force is anything that makes an object accelerate.Forces occur in pairs and they can be either balanced or unbalanced

Cornell Notes 4.2 - Buoyancy

Cornell Notes 4.2 - Buoyancy.Buoyancy is a measure of the upward force a fluid exerts on an object that is submerged.The strength of the buoyant force on an object in water depends on the volume of the object that is underwater