NKI/RPC IRB Continuing Review Form

NKI/RPC IRB Continuing Review Form.Note: Please submit this annual report (unless the IRB has specified a shorter time frame) to the IRB office at least one month prior to the due date to insure ongoing IRB approval. You will be reminded by the IRB office

IRB Reviewer Presentation Format

IRB Reviewer Presentation Format.Initial and Continuing Review.Presentation by primary reviewer.1. Study summary.a. Specific aims of the project.b. Research plan, target population, recruitment procedures, study activities, and methods

Required for All Consent Forms

Guidance for Developing a Medical Research Consent Form.When appropriate omit if not relevant.HIPAA - For studies involving HIPAA Protected Health Information 45 CFR 164.508; 45 CFR 164.501

UVI IRB Protocol Review Form

UVI IRB Protocol Application for the Involvement of Human Participants in Research.This form must accompany the IRB Face Page.Office of Sponsored Programs.2 John Brewer s Bay St Thomas, VI 00803 (340) 693-1176.SECTION I: General Information

Feedback on the Human Biomedical Research Bill

FEEDBACK ON THE HUMAN BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH BILL.Thank you for providing your feedback in this form. Your input is important to help shape the regulatory frameworks for human biomedical research and human tissue for use in research, which will be enacted in the Human Biomedical Research Bill

IRB Category I Research Form

IRB Category I Research Form.INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete this form and submit it (and any additional materials that cannot be included within) to . One or more members of the IRB will review the proposal and respond, generally within 10 working days.Project title: Click to enter text

Emory IRB Secondary Data/Specimen Analysis Protocol Guidelines

Emory IRB Secondary Data/Specimen Analysis Protocol Guidelines.For studies involving solely a review of medical charts, please see Retrospective Chart Review Protocol Outline instead

Position Purpose s2

POSITION PURPOSE.The Head of Clinical Trial Programs (the Head) is primarily accountable for delivering the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) cancer clinical trials strategy which aims to increase the number of cancer patients on trials across VCCC partners and Victoria

Scientific Steering Committee Lay Member ______

Progressive MS Alliance.Scientific Steering Committee lay member ______.The Progressive MS Alliance was initially established in 2011 as the International Progressive MS Collaborative. The mission of the PMSA is to expedite the development of therapies

Guidelines on Ethic Review for Cell Lines Research


How Long Should a Patient Information Sheet Be for a Clinical Research Study?

HOW LONG SHOULD A PATIENT INFORMATION SHEET BE FOR A CLINICAL RESEARCH STUDY?.Carlito Adan1, Leela Goldstein1, Iain C Macdougall1.1Renal Unit, King s College Hospital, London.BACKGROUND: Modern-day conduct of clinical research requires a number of important

Registration of Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Registration.REGISTRATION OF CLINICAL TRIALS.The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) requires, as a condition of publication, that all clinical trials be entered into a public registry before enrolling the first patient

Instructions for Completing the Form s1

Instructions for Completing the Form s1

INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARD (IRB).Application for Approval of Research Involving Humans.I certify that the information provided in this application is complete and accurate and consistent with any proposal(s) submitted to external funding agencies

FORM: Application for Human Research

Departmental Approval.Please attach the following items, if applicable.Device brochure that includes the following.Description of device and its use.Reports of prior investigations with device.Proposed investigational plan.Participant selection criteria description.Monitoring procedures

Updated Review of the Treatment of Psychostimulant Dependence for CERGA May 2008

Review of the Evidence.for Clinical Management of Psychostimulant Dependence.1 Aim: To identify reviews of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of psychostimulant treatment and summarise the findings for CERGA

Medical Devices/ Investigator Checklist

Medical Devices/ Investigator Checklist.Protocol title.Medical Device/IDE effective 3/16/16 rev 8/23/17