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Customised Map Application

CUSTOMISED MAP APPLICATION.Please return to , PO Box 366, Ingham Q 4850 or Fax (07) 47763233

Planning a Bus Trip

PLANNING A BUS TRIP.Go to Trip Planner will be on the right side of the web page.Enter where you are starting from and where you want to go.It can be an address (6222 N. Lamar), or.It can be an intersection (Lamar and Denson), or

Online Resource 1: (A) Distribution of Average Daily Wind Directions (In Radians). Box

Online Resource 1: (a) Distribution of average daily wind directions (in radians). Box and whisker plot showing the distribution of daily measures of wind direction combined for years 2001-2004 and 2006-2008. The horizontal dashed line represents the average wind direction for the whole period

Level 3 Geography (90704) 2011 Assessment Schedule

NCEA Level 3 Geography (90704) 2011 page 1 of 8.Assessment Schedule 2011.Geography: Select and apply skills and ideas in a geographic context (90704).Evidence Statement.Achievement with Merit.Achievement with Excellence.Judgement Statement.Achievement with Merit.Achievement with Excellence

7Th Grade Geography Notes

7th grade Geography Notes.5 Themes of Geography.o Absolute exact location.i.e. address or longitude/latitude.Lines of latitude run east to west.Lines of longitude run north to south.Glasgow is located at 37 N and 85 W.o Relative what it is near.Wendy s is located beside Arby s

Goals for This Activity

Copyright 2007 by Z. Miller.Introduction: Google Earth is an excellent tool for displaying and investigating a variety of spatial data. In this activity, you will examine the local hills, streams, reservoirs, and man-made features all within a few miles

Planning Maps Online

Planning Maps Online.To start, input an address or outline the area of interest on the Map of Victoria. Then.Zoom in, Zoom out, Set the scale, Pan. (Click icon first then click on the map for the action).Choose Zones + Overlays in the top row of tabs. Also try each separately

Finding Distance Using Latitude and Longitude

Finding Distance using Latitude and Longitude.Directions #1-5: Use lines of latitude to estimate the distance between the 2 locations. Be sure to show your work and circle your answers. Refer to the Atlas in your textbook on pages 12-27. Each question

Objective 1: Predictive Distribution Modeling of Cheer Pheasant in Nepal

Project Update: April 2012.Objective 1: Predictive distribution modeling of Cheer Pheasant in Nepal.Activities taken so far.Different data are collected from different sources. In this study viz bioclimatic data ( from bio1 to bio19 are collected and

Loxodrome in the Web-Mercator Projection

Loxodrome in the Web-Mercator Projection.Željka TUTEK, Miljenko LAPAINE.University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, Kačićeva 26, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.Web-Mercator projection is similar to the Mercator projection, but it lacks some of its properties. This

AP World Map Project

AP World Map Project.Working on your own or with a Partner, accurately create a map to include the themes below.Label the major cities during the first 5 chapters.Accurately label/shade aminimum of 10 empires on the map (preferably the ones that would

Homework 1 Solution

Homework 1 Solution.GIS in Water Resources.Prepared by David R. Maidment.1. Map Projection Parameters.The map below shows Utah and the display parameters of the State Plane coordinate system for the Utah Central Zone

Use the Table to Answer Question 1

Multiple Choice.Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question and write it on the same numbered line on the answer sheet.Use the table to answer question 1.____ 1. Order the following cities from North to South

Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

Google Earth Scavenger Hunt.To take a Screenshot.On laptops hit fn and home/prt sc at same time.On desktops click ctrl and prt scr at same time.Then paste where you want it.1. Paste 10.903497, 19.93229 into the search box- What do you see?

Problem 4: Clifton Country Road

Problem 4: Clifton Country Road.The intersection of Clifton Country Road and Route 146 (Intersection D) is the most complex, busiest, and largest in the network. Figure 13 shows an aerial photograph of the site. (North is toward the top.)