CAO Delivery Resources for Managing Communication Coach Developer Activities

CAO Delivery Resources for Managing Communication Coach Developer Activities

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CAO Delivery Resources for Managing Communication Coach Developer Activities

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Coach Developer Application Page 1

Service Level Agreements Page 2 – 8

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Training Prep Page 9-10

Co-Delivery Page 10-12

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LF News Updates

Microsoft Expression -

Doodle poll for LF availability

LF Locker Tools, ppts, vids, tutorials

Post Course Survey – LF component

Expense and Travel Claim policy - available on request

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Coach Training Page 15

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LF Training

  • Coach DeveloperApplication
  • Online Intake –
  • Use MCD for Screening, Recruitment, ID, Selection & Training

  • Service Level Agreements with your Coach Developers
  • Agreement includes ongoing requirements, expectations, pay, etc. beyond NCCP Code of Conduct – annual and long term. Template Text Below.

National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

Learning Facilitator


This agreement is effective April 1, 20___

between the Coaches Association of Ontario


Ontario Multi-Sport NCCP Learning Facilitator ______


The Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO) is committed to strengthening the support mechanisms, educational resources and development opportunities for Coaches. This includes organizing and scheduling workshops , conferences, clinics and self-study learning opportunities. The CAO promotes collaboration and information sharing among Coaches and those who provide resources and programs for coaches.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a collaborative program between the Government of Canada, the provincial/territorial governments, the national/provincial/territorial sport organizations and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). It is recognized as the national standard for coach training and education in Canada for more than 67 sports.

In May 2006, the CAO became the contracted provincial agency for delivering the NCCP on behalf of the Ministry of Health Promotion, now the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS).

In partnership with the Ministry, the CAO has made a commitment to building a strong provincial delivery support system for coach education and accreditation based on the NCCP and in accordance with the Mandate Agreement between the CAC, Sport Canada and the provincial/territorial governments.

To ensure a high quality of delivery for Ontario Coaches, the CAO’s role includes:

  • Scheduling, delivering and administering NCCP workshops across the province;
  • Providing access and opportunity for coaches in remote areas through outreach and distance education;
  • Meeting all NCCP program policy requirements issued by the Coaching Association of Canada and adhering to national standards;
  • Effective promoting and marketing of the NCCP; and
  • Selecting, training, scheduling and developing Learning Facilitators (LFs)

Purpose of the Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) sets out parameters for service level obligations for parties to the agreement and guidelines for rates and timelines for services to be performed by the Learning Facilitator (LF) on behalf of the CAO.

Program Objectives

The CAO and the Ontario multi-sport LF will commit to providing the best level of service and quality to Ontario Coaches by ensuring that all interactions during the training process are professional and completed with respect, genuine fairness, integrity and honesty.


This Agreement will be in effect starting ______and be in place until terminated by the CAO or the LF. This Agreement will be reviewed every three years starting in 2016. The agreement may be amended periodically as dictated by amendments to national standards, policy requirements and legal or insurance related topics.


LFs are required to maintain a valid membership with the CAO for insurance purposes. If there is a lapse in membership or inactive status for one year or more, this Agreement will be effectively suspended. Applications for CAO membership renewals and information regarding member requirements can be found on the CAO website.

Should either party wish to terminate the Agreement, written notice is required. Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances, such as death or illness.

Minimum Requirements of an LF

To be eligible for workshop assignments in Ontario the individual must be an LF with requisite credentials documented in the Coaching Association of Canada Locker (national database). The LF must have attained trained or certified status in any or all of the NCCP multi-sport modules including Fundamental Movement Skills, Competition-Introduction, Competition-Development, and Professional Development modules.

There are seven mandatory requirements for the LF to be active and eligible to deliver NCCP workshops.

To be completed once:

Sign the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Complete and pass MED online evaluation

Complete and pass and NCCP Making Headway Online Module

Reviewed annually:

Stay active in facilitating or marking a multi-sport NCCP workshop/homestudy at a minimum of one workshop every two years

Maintain CAO membership (signed the Coach Developer Code of Conduct and payment to cover appropriate insurance – this insurance covers you while you facilitate Multi-Sport workshops)

Attend PD workshop a minimum one event every 36 months (Ontario Coaches Conference, CDPD Annual Weekend, Canadian Sport for Life Workshop Conference, or LF Training in another context)

Current email contact registered with CAO database

LF Status

The principle behind LF Status is to maintain a database of trained, active and insured LFs. This tracking system will enable the CAO to service Ontario communities more efficiently and assign LFs in an equal and effective manner. Refer to Schedule in APPENDIX A.


The LF and the CAO agree that, in the execution of their responsibilities under this Agreement, they will cooperate and collaborate in good faith to ensure that Coaches who take NCCP programs meet the learning outcomes and standards of the NCCP as set out in the LF guides for multi-sport modules.

The LF supports and endorses the NCCP Coach Education training program and is responsible for facilitated delivery as designed in the LF Guide for the following programs:

□Fundamental Movement Skills Community Leader (FMS)

□Competition – Introduction Make Ethical Decisions, Plan a Practice, Nutrition (formerly known as Part A)

□Competition – Introduction Teaching and Learning, Design a Basic Sport Program, Basic Mental Skills (formerly known as Part B)

□Competition – Introduction Make Ethical Decisions (MED)

□Competition – Introduction Planning a Practice (PaP)

□Competition – Introduction Nutrition (NUT)

□Competition – Introduction Teaching and Learning (T&L)

□Competition – Introduction Design a Basic Sport Program (DSP)

□Competition – Introduction Basic Mental Skills (MS)

□Competition – Introduction Teacher Accelerated Program

□Competition – Development Managing Conflict (MC)

□Competition – Development Leading Drug Free Sport (LDFS)

□Competition – Development Coaching and Leading Effectively (CLE)

□Competition – Development Developing Athletic Abilities (DAA)

□Competition – Development Psychology of Performance (PP)

□Competition – Development Prevention and Recovery of Injury (PRI)

□Competition – Development Manage a Sport Program (MSP)

□Competition – Development Advanced Practice Planning (APP)

□Competition – Development Performance Planning (PPLAN)

□Mentorship Module (MEN)

□Empower + Professional Development Module (Em+)

□Resistance Training Professional Development Module (RT)

□Fundamental Movement Skills Professional Development Module (FMS PD)

□Aboriginal Coaching Modules Professional Development Module (ACM) – delivered by ASWCO

□Coaching in Ontario Schools Professional Development Module (CIOS) – delivered by OFSAA

□Core Training Modules (CORE)

LF Responsibilities

Honour all assigned workshop commitments in a professional manner and in accordance with NCCP LF Manual - Policy and Procedures.

Stay current with your knowledge of the NCCP system and national program policies applicable to Coaches.

Respond to the CAO within three (3) days of all LF availability requests.

Advise the CAO of extended periods of unavailability for workshop assignments.

Submit Coach data directly into the Locker database within fifteen (15) business days of course end dates.

Send an invoice to the appropriate ‘Host Partner’ within ten (10) business days of completed workshops.

Ensure all fees for services relating to the NCCP workshop delivery are in line with guidelines set out by the CAO (See Host Information Package). Negotiating additional fees for this service (e.g. increased honourarium) is not allowed. Our intent is that the quality, service level and accessibility for NCCP workshops will remain consistent and accessible for all coaches and host partners across Ontario.

Attend a CAO Learning Facilitator Professional Development event at least once every three (3) years.

Maintain certification as a MLF or LF in accordance with NCCP Professional Development policy.

Meet expectations on course evaluation survey

Prep – PPT, LF Guide review

Follow the LF Guide – integrity

CAO Responsibilities

Promote participation in the NCCP program on the CAO website and in member communications.

Track LF workshop activity and provide a system for active LFs to submit availability and have equal opportunity to facilitate a workshop.

Work with host community partners and assist where needed in scheduling, logistics, promotion, registration and administration with LFs and class participants.

Provide a CAO-hosted workshop option for communities without a host community option or, for special events, such as NCCP Super Clinic, annual Ontario Coaches Conference and new module pilots.

For CAO-hosted workshops, the CAO will send class lists to LFs before the start of the class. Conduct formal LF Evaluation procedures, as well as informal audits as necessary.

Provide all active CAO member LFs with valid liability insurance coverage.

Work with all Host Partners including the CAO to ensure procedures are followed andLF invoices are paid within 30 days. Online workshop evaluation surveys will be sent to coaches post course.

Send automated reminder emails to coaches registered in the online registration system.

Follow up with Host Partners post workshop and in regard to invoice for materials.

Send out an online post-workshop survey to Host Partners. Share a summary of that survey’s feedback on an annual basis with the LFs.

Fees, Hours and Honourariums

The principle behind establishing fees and compensation is to be consistent across all provincial communities. The CAO regularly monitors fees across Canada and works with suppliers and municipalities to ensure efficiencies and shared services benefit the program. Refer to Schedule in APPENDIX B.

Adherence to CAO’s Protection of Personal Information and Privacy Policy

The LF shall comply with the CAO’s Protection of Personal Information and Privacy which is available on the CAO website or upon request. In addition, the LF will adhere to privacy protocols imposed by access granted to the CAC Locker (national database). The LF may notat any time disclose to a third party any personal information (home address, telephone, or credit card / payment information) concerning the coach candidate participating in this program prior, during or after completion of the workshop.


This agreement may not transfer in part, or in whole, to another party other than those named in this agreement. All obligations, services performed and roles are to remain solely with the parties named in this agreement.


This agreement has been read, understood and signed on behalf of the parties on the dates below:

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Coaches Association of Ontario – Learning Facilitator Service Level Agreement

I agree to perform the services, meet the obligations and timelines in this agreement and aspire to the program goals and objectives.

I have the legal authority to bind the Coaches Association of Ontario to the obligations listed in this agreement.

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Coaches Association of Ontario – Learning Facilitator Service Level Agreement

Learning Facilitator’s SignatureCAO Signature

Susan Kitchen, Executive Director

Printed Name / Title Printed Name / Title

Date Date

Send to:

Coaches Association of Ontario

108-3 Concorde Gate

Toronto ON M3C3N7

Email scanned copy to: Fax to: 416-426-7331


Communication Tip – Signature Trick

  • Videos – How to use Signature Trick –
  • Signature Trick
  • How to set up a new signature quick -
  • CDEmail Communication
  • Become a LF Interest - Template Text Below.

There are a number of steps, training stages and decisions in the LF Training process.

Start here -

  • Submit Application
  • Pay, attend and complete Core Training for Learning Facilitators –
  • Pay, attend and complete in the Multi Sport Module Workshop in which they are applying to facilitate
  • Complete & successfully pass the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) online evaluation - MED workshop is pre-requisite before Online evaluation – Free once you take the workshop
  • Complete Making Headway Online Module
  • Become a member (or renew) of the Coaches Association of Ontario (Annual fee covers LF Insurance: $20/year)
  • Register and attend the multi-sport LF Training Workshop as scheduled by CAO - Note: Workshop specific training is not hosted annually, it is hosted as needed to meet geographic and volume demand in our province.
  • Complete & successfully pass co-facilitation after content training – would be scheduled after other steps are completed.

Let me know if you have further questions.

  • Training Prep - Template Text Below.

Good morning everyone,

I would like to introduce you to MCD ______who will be facilitating the ______Content Specific LF Training for you.

The content day will take you through ______modules:

In preparation for this day.

Please register here.

Fee is to cover the printing of all of your resources you will need as an LF in school or community course environments – 18 manuals in total.

We will ship to you end of week or beginning of next week.

PowerPoints and videos are here:

Username: provide any access needed to files


Keep this on hand because powerpoints change as requested by LFs or when material is revised.

Comp Intro

· Introduction

· Reach Higher -

· MED provide all current files as well

· Plan a Practice

· Nutrition

· Teaching and Learning

· Teaching and Learning Video -

· Design a Sport Program

· Basic Mental Skills

Chip away at all pre-requisites and requirements:

1.Completethe module for which you are going to be trained to deliver
2. Complete and passMaking Headway Online Module
3. Complete and passMED online evaluation
4. CompleteCore Training for Learning Facilitators
5. Complete Content Specific Training (will be arranged by CAO)
6. CompleteCo-delivery prior to delivering
7. Complete NCCP Locker database training– Usually THURSDAY afternoon
8. Sign the CAO Service Level Agreement (SLA)
9. Sign theCoach Developer Code of Conduct
10. Maintain CAOmembership(this provides insurance coverages for you while you facilitate Multi-Sport workshops)
11. Facilitate a minimum of one workshop every two years
12. Attend PD to maintain certified status
13. Maintain a current email and phone contact registered with CAO database*

General outline for the day, and assignment of Pre-task – change accordingly

As I'm sure you've noted, we have a significant amount of material to cover but by leveraging the extensive experience that you all bring to the table, I am confident that we will have a productive day together.

So with this in mind, I am assigning each of you a module from the workshop curriculum. You are asked to prepare an overview of your assigned module that you will present to the rest of the group in our session -- in other words, you will be leading the faciliation of your assigned module. Your facilitation should include:

1)Learning Outcomes

2)Key Activities

- including how they support / link to those learning outcomes

-where NCCP core competencies are best emphasized

- walk-through the components of an effective learning activity for one activity


- identify potential pitfalls, difficult transitions, challenging discussions

- offerstrategies can we use to avoid / mitigate

Each presentation should be roughly 20-30 minutes according to LF guide. Following each module, the group will have an opportunity to debrief and discuss the module.

So without further adieu, here are your assigned modules:

Person 1 ______

Person 2 ______


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need assistance or have any questions.

  • Co Delivery - linking and splitting - Template Text Below.

Co-Delivery Email Template to the Co-deliverer (Lead LF cc’d)

Hi (Name of Co-Deliverer),

Your Co –Delivery phase of your LF training pathway has been arranged with lead LF (name of Lead LF). The following is a quick outline and information of the process that will take place.

(name of Lead LF) will be connecting with you over the next week to confirm a few details that go along with the co-facilitation process for (Date, Time, Course).

Co-facilitation Process:

  1. (name of Lead LF) will touchbase and pre-brief the workshop, as well as coordinate at least 50% of workshop to be facilitated by each of you.
  2. (name of Lead LF) will conduct a semi-structured/informal review/observation based on the following document - these documents are used in the future for LF evaluations (you will be subject to this in a couple years).
  3. And then to conclude the co-facilitation a quick debrief/reflection at the end about how the course went.

(name of Lead LF) will report the results to the CAO and we will proceed with the necessary documentation for CAC and your transcript.

You will not get an honourarium for the co-facilitation (final stage of training), however this will conclude your training and all sessions after this you will be eligible for compensation as arranged with the host community partner for the workshop. CAO can provide mileage for the travel expense.