Can I Trust the Workers?

Can I Trust the Workers?


Thank you for choosing Puget Sound Restoration, Inc. to perform the insurance repairs on your property. We understand this time can be stressful and overwhelming; in an effort to make things as smooth as possible and comfortable for you, below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers. You can expect high quality work from PSR as we restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Can I trust the workers?

 Absolutely. PSR performs extensive background checks on all of our employees and subcontractors. We have a zero tolerance policy for felony convictions. All employees and subcontractors meet PSR’s standards.

Will my insurance company cover my entire loss?

 Coverage for your loss is entirely based upon the insurance policy that you have. Here at PSR, we can create a comprehensive estimate that includes all damages relating to your loss. We will present our estimate to your insurance company and will be your advocate to help you get your property back to its pre-loss condition.

How does project funding work?

 Your insurance adjuster and a PSR estimator will first come to an agreement on the scope of work for your property. Your insurance company will issue a check to you for the repairs based on said agreement. Generally, your insurance company will not pay your entire claim upfront. However, your insurance will issue you a check for the majority of the claim up front, then your insurance will make a final payment upon completion of all the repairs.

What if I have a mortgage on my home?

 Your insurance company may list your lender co-payable on your check. It is very important that you contact your lender to inform them of your insurance claim. Your lender may be in possession of important documents for you and PSR to complete. Your lender may have requirements for repairs and may want to hold your insurance funds in an escrow account while the repairs are being completed. This process alone can be extensive and time consuming. Your prompt attention to this can save a great deal of time in the repair process. Cheney Hess at our corporate office is available to help you through this process. She is experienced in working with a variety of lenders on insurance repair projects.

What if my insurance is paying for ALE (addition living expenses)?

 If you are displaced from your home due to your loss and your insurance company is paying for ALE, you will be given a deadline for repairs to be completed. PSR will strive to work within the given deadline, but we will need your help to assure the deadline is met. Your involvement is imperative to the progress of repairs and your complete satisfaction in work completed. We ask that you make time available for tasks like selecting your materials and finishes, working with your mortgage company, and being available if needed for the mortgage company inspections.

What is PSR’s payment schedule?

 PSR requires a deposit from all customers prior to repairs beginning. If you have a lender on your home they will determine a draw schedule and will perform site inspections to ensure the work has been completed up to the desired milestones prior to releasing draws against the funds. If there is no lender or the lender is not made payable on your insurance check, PSR will request draws from you as follows:

 Project less than $10k—PSR requests 40% to start and the balance of your funds upon completion.

 Project more than $10k—PSR estimator will create a draw schedule and outline milestones on projects and the amount of each draw during the process of repairs.

Will I work with PSR employees?

 During the process of repairs on your property you will work with several employees at PSR. We operate as a team to best accommodate all of our customers. Once your PSR estimator has finished creating the scope of the repairs, he will turn our project over to a PSR Project Manager who will supervise work from beginning to end to assure your full satisfaction.

Will I be informed of the repairs to be performed on my property?

 Yes. Your PSR Project Manager will contact you and will schedule a pre-construction meeting with you at your property. This is their chance to become familiar with you, your home and the work to be done. The assigned Project Manager will discuss material selections with you—your prompt attention to the selections will help to speed up the project. You will be asked to sign a Material Selection form indicating all of your selections. Before repairs begin, it will be determined if a building permit is needed. If a permit is required by your local municipality, PSR will work diligently to obtain the permits so that repairs may begin quickly.

What are supplemental repairs?

 On occasion during the repair process we uncover additional damage or items that were missed during the initial estimation process. If this happens, PSR will immediately contact your adjuster and/or insurance company to get approval for any necessary additional work that is due to your loss. PSR will not proceed with the repairs until the approval is given by your insurance company.

Can I remodel or upgrade my home during the repair process?

 Absolutely! We at PSR feel that this is an opportune time for you to make any desired changes to your home. If you are interested in having addition work done, please notify your estimator as soon as possible. We can adjust our bid to incorporate the changes you would like. If you are interested in upgrading items that your insurance is replacing, let your Project Manager know and he can help you with your selections. All changes and upgrades will be listed on a Change Order form that you will be asked to sign. If there are addition costs involved, we will request a 50% deposit and the balance of the Change Order to be due upon completion of the items on the Change Order list.

Will I do a final walk thru?

 When the repair work is complete your Project Manager will request a meeting with you to do the final walk thru. This is your opportunity to view the work completed and point out things that are not completed up to your standards and satisfaction. It is important that you are honest so that we can make the necessary changes to your home to achieve full customer satisfaction. If there are items that need to be touched-up, your Project Manager will create a Punch List with you and will ask you to sign it. PSR will work diligently to address each of your items so the repairs will be completed to the pre-loss condition as well as your full satisfaction.

What is a Completion Form?

 Your insurance company will need verification that the repairs to your home were complete. Once your project is complete, your PSR Project Manager will present you with a Customer Satisfaction Statement for you to compete. Please feel free to leave comments for us about your experience with PSR.

When will I receive my final bill?

 Once your project is complete we will create a final invoice for all the repairs. Our contract is with you, therefore you will be sent a copy of our invoice and statement. In most cases, the final payment will be sent to the homeowner and not PSR, so it is very important for you to be included on the invoicing.

When will I receive statements?

 PSR sends statements to our customers bi-weekly. Our goal is to keep you informed whether your insurance company has paid for your repairs or not. PSR will diligently work within our capabilities to collect the balance from the insurance company direction, however it may be necessary for you to contact your insurance company direction to inquire about payments. Ultimately, this is your claim and will require your attention to complete it in a timely fashion.

We at Puget Sound Restoration, Inc. hope this letter helps to answer some of the questions you have had. If you are still unsure about any portion of the repair process or have any other questions, please feel free to contact your estimator, Project Manager or the PSR Administrative staff for further assistance.