Calendar of Events Fall/Winter 2010-2011

Calendar of Events Fall/Winter 2010-2011

Calendar of Events Fall/Winter 2010-2011

The Calendar of Events provides an opportunity to continue your education at your own pace, in an intimate, comfortable setting with no exams! From the visual and other arts, science and other arts, science and technology, the environment and social justice, to the more personal, obscure and indescribable, we try to cover it all. Everyone is welcome and home-made soup is available for a donation (free if you are a student). Held at 32 Bader Lane at noon."

Tuesday September 14

Sheesham and Lotus

"Sheesham and Lotus make old time music. Music from a time before television and mass media, a time when people entertained themselves. Sheesham and Lotus play upon such instruments as fiddle, four types of banjo, harmonicas, jaw harps, bones and patting juba, giving a brief history of each instrument. They will teach the audience how to patjuba (also called 'hambone') and reclaim the meaning of home entertainment!"

Friday September 17th at noon. Who Is She? launch at the Ban Righ Centre

Tuesday September 21

The Way We Are. Kristen Ritchie ~ Photographer

Kristen Ritchie will discuss her influence as the photographer on her portrait subjects, specifically relating to Ban Righ's 'Who Is She?' series of portraits, as well from her other personal body of work.

Thursday September 23

Pioneering Novels;.A Canadian Writer's Story.' Dorris Heffron, Arts ’67.

Doris Heffron will talk about her international career as a novelist, beginning when she taught for Oxford University in the seventies. Returning to Canada in 1980, Heffron is an active part of the development of Canadian Literature and will read from her latest pioneering novel, CITY WOLVES.

Tuesday September 28

Using Traditional Gardens to Grow Food at Home. Rena Upitis Queen’s Professor: Faculty of Education
When food was scarce during the world wars, many families were called upon to grow their own food. These Victory Gardens featured vegetables that were easy to grow and did not require a large amount of space. Another traditional garden, the Three Sisters Garden, is a traditional First Nations garden, where corn, beans, and squash thrive together, providing a sophisticated, sustainable system that provides long-term soil fertility and a healthy diet those who reap its harvest. The Victory Gardens were created to help fight wars. We are presently fighting what many consider an even more serious war -- saving our natural environment from destruction. This talk will focus on the environmental benefits of traditional gardens as well as providing practical advice for home gardeners.

Thursday October 14

Moving (Inanna, 2010). Elizabeth Greene ~ Author/Poet

Elizabeth Greene's second book of poems, is a search for home--ancestral, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual. Written in part when Elizabeth was selling and moving from her home of twenty-three years, Moving is a book of dislocation and moments of arrival. Elizabeth Greene is a long-time member of the Ban Righ community, a former board member and chair. She taught in the English Department at Queen's for many years and helped found Women's Studies (now Gender Studies) here. She has published fiction and essays as well as poetry.

Wednesday October 20

Mixing and Mingling with Ease. Catherine Bell ~ Consultant

Fundraisers… weddings… meetings… conferences – do you find it uncomfortable entering a room of strangers and engaging in conversations? Catherine Bell of PRIME Impressions will share practical strategies on how to maneuver in mass mingling environments so that you can be at ease and enjoy your next event.

Wednesday November 10th

Killing Us Softly 3 (video)

Jean Kilbourne continues her groundbreaking analysis of advertising's depiction of women in this most recent update of her pioneering Killing Us Softly series. In fascinating detail, Kilbourne decodes an array of print and television advertisements to reveal a pattern of disturbing and destructive gender stereotypes. Her analysis challenges us to consider the relationship between advertising and broader issues of culture, identity, sexism, and gender violence. (Approx. One hour).

Monday November 29

'Finding Inspiration Through Experience'. Bhavana Varma ~ Exec. Dir. KFLA United Way

Bhavana has been with the United Way movement since 1990, when she and her husband moved from New Delhi, India. She worked with the United Way of St. Catharines & District for 9 years and moved to Kingston as the President of the United Way serving KFL&A. She will speak about how her experiences growing up in India and moving to a new country defined the course of her life in the voluntary sector. She works on social issues like poverty, homelessness and early years. Her passion for her work is fuelled by inspiration from a number of sources, including family members, the Dalai Lama and local volunteers.

Thursday December 9

On Being an Artist (in your spare time) Deb Krakow ~ Artist

Debra Krakow became an artist through the back door, while studying to be an architect, but it has come to be her passion. In this talk, Debra will use slides of her paintings to show how her work has evolved over time. Shell discuss some of the challenges that every creative person faces: self-motivation, staying fresh, stepping out of your comfort zone, dealing with crises of confidence and finding your own personal, original voice.