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Title of Course: Organic Chemistry II / Semester: Fall 2016
Course Code: CHE 240 Credits: 3 / Prerequisites: CHE 240 CHE 241
Co-requisite: CHE 243
Section Number: 300 / Location of Class: Mount Laurel,
TEC 200
500 / Day(s) and Time: Tue/Thur 2:00 to 3:20
Mount Laurel TEC 112
Monday 5:00 to 7:20 PM
Professor: Terrence P. Sherlock / Contact Information:
Telephone: 2028
Office: TEC 211D

Course Content/Description

Description: This course is a continuation of Organic Chemistry I. The topics covered in this course include: structure, properties, and nomenclature of organic compounds; the complex synthesis of organic compounds; oxidation-reduction, electrophilic aromatic, nucleophilic addition and substitution reactions and their mechanisms; nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometry; and an introduction to biochemistry.

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Recommended Text/Materials:

Organic Chemistry; L. G. Wade, 9th edition hardcopy or loose leaf with Mastering Access Code ISBN 9780134183657

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

·  Recognize, draw, and differentiate, the different types and structures of organic compounds.

·  Illustrate and apply the relationship between the structure of a compound and its properties.

·  Understand and restate the different types of mechanisms in organic reactions.

·  Design multi-step synthesis in the preparation of organic compounds.

·  Explain the theory and applications of NMR spectrometry in organic chemistry.

General Educational Outcomes:

Written and Oral Communication (Communication): Students will logically and persuasively support their points of view or findings.

Scientific Knowledge and Reasoning (Science): Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills in the analysis of scientific data.

CHE 242 Topical Outline: Schedule, Unit Documents, PP presentations, practice exams, etc. can be found on the link http://www.chemistry-solutions.com/che-242-wade/

Evaluation Process

A.  The Grading Standard System is explained in the current RCBC College Catalog, located at http://rcbc.edu/files/PDFFiles/publications/Catalog/RCBC1617Catalog_091316.pdf

B.  Professor’s Expectations of Students: Students are expected to do the following:

1.  Come to class prepared, be attentive and participate in the learning process.

2.  Be accountable for your own results.

3.  Get extra help in Office Hours and/or the Tutoring Center when you need it.

4.  Complete all practice exams and assignments.

C.  Student Evaluation and Assessment

There are 4 Unit Exams each comprising 25% of your grade. There may be other quizzes/projects assigned during the semester.

College Policies
In order for students to know their rights and responsibilities, all students are expected to review and adhere to all regulations and policies as listed in the College Catalog and Handbook. These documents can be accessed at http://www.bcc.edu/publications . Important policies and regulations include but are not limited to the following:

·  Student Code of Conduct

o  Including Academic Dishonesty/Plagiarism and Civility

·  Attendance

·  Grading Standards

o  Including Withdraw (W) and Incomplete Grades (I & X)

·  Use of Communication and Information Technology

·  Student Success Services
RCBC offers a variety of free services for its students including those listed below. Descriptions of these services, as well as many others, can be found in the College Catalog and Handbook and on the RCBC website at http://www.bcc.edu/student-services .

·  Academic Advisement ( http://www.bcc.edu/advising )

·  Career Services ( http://www.bcc.edu/careers )

·  Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) ( http://www.bcc.edu/eof )

·  Financial Aid ( http://www.bcc.edu/financialaid )

·  International Students Office ( http://www.bcc.edu/international )

·  Library/Integrated Learning Resource Center (ILRC) ( http://www.bcc.edu/library )

·  Office of Veteran Services ( http://www.bcc.edu/vets )

·  Student Support Counseling ( http://www.bcc.edu/cpit )

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·  Transfer Services ( http://www.bcc.edu/transfer )

Office of Student Support and Disability Services
RCBC welcomes students with disabilities into the college’s educational programs. Access to accommodations and support services for students with learning and other disabilities is facilitated by staff in the Office of Student Support (OSS). To receive accommodations, a student must contact the OSS, self-identify as having a disability, provide appropriate documentation, and participate in an intake appointment. If the documentation supports the request for reasonable accommodations, the OSS will provide the student with an Accommodation Plan to give to instructors. For additional information, please contact the Office of Student Support at 609-894-9311, ext. 1208, , or http://www.bcc.edu/studentsupport .

Educational Technology Statement

Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) advocates the use of technology to enhance instruction. Students should assume that classroom and online technologywill be used throughout their coursework at RCBC, as it will most certainly be used in their future education and careers. The College provides on-campus facilities for the convenience of the RCBC community. Various college departments, including the Office of Information Technology and the Office of Distance Education, provide technology training and assistance to faculty and students.

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