Burgess James Davis

Burgess James Davis

DAVIS, Burgess James1

April 2016



B.S.Ohio State1965

M.S.University of Illinois1966

Ph.D.University of Illinois1968


Assistant Professor Rutgers University1968-71

Associate ProfessorRutgers University1971-74

Associate ProfessorPurdue University1974-76

Professor Purdue University 1977-2014

Professor EmeritusPurdue University 2014-

Associate EditorAnnals of Probability1981-87

Associate EditorTransactions of the AMS1988-90

EditorAnnals of Probability1991-93

Associate EditorIllinois Journal of Math1999-02


Institute of Mathematical Statistics (Fellow)

One of top eleven teachers in School of Science (2000)





Birthdate:April 8, 1944

Birthplace:Springfield, Missouri



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Submitted in 2015.

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Joseph Petrucelli1976

Jaiming Xu1991

Darryl Nester1993

Biao Zhang1994

Majid Hosseini2003

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