§  Online: Long form TV & final month of National Publications “travel classified ads” Online contextual and behavioral campaigns is up & running along with & Our SEM/PPC program is running for events & lodging as well.

§ Projects:

·  Summer Guide being Delivered

·  Revamp content, Skin w/ new creative

·  Sub sites/ Nav.

· page

§ Other

·  Starting RFP’s for BRC publications

·  Website summer updates

·  M/B issue in the final throws

·  Google tracking completed

·  Social/mobile RFP’s

·  Research data collection

Breckenridge Central Reservations

§  Suppliers: Thirty members responded to the BCR membership Survey. Summary results were presented to the membership at the annual BCR Membership meeting.

§  BCR Initiatives to be completed during the next 30 days:

·  Develop alternative models to BCR

·  Implement lodging pages on website

·  Activity member meeting

·  Develop 2 budget scenarios for 2011

§  BCR Initiatives to be completed during the next 90 days:

·  Implement activity pages on website

§  Cash Flow:

·  Actual Cash on hand $47,407

·  Accts Receivable $ 989

·  BRC Accounts Receivable $ 0

·  Cash + Receivables $48,396

·  Reservation Accounts Payable -$ 1,593

·  GT Liability $ 3,166

·  BRC Accounts Payable $37,771

·  Wages & Taxes Payable $ 525

·  Adjusted Cash position $8,527

Notes: Accounting Manager wrote off $459 of accounts receivable in May 2010 applied to miscellaneous expense (Label Program).

Group and Leisure Sales

§  IRF – Incentive Research Foundation in Co Spgs

§  Preparing for FAM trip in June

§  CSAE – table exhibit at monthly meeting

§  Salesforce database management system utitlization

§  Continued meetings with members

Media Relations

§  Print: Denver Post featured golf, hiking and biking in a Summer Escapes: Summit County article. Elevation Outdoors featured an article about Breckenridge’s mountain biking as a result of hosting the editor. The Summit Daily announced the appointment of Jenifer Goldstein as the BRC’s new Membership Director.

§  Online: The Kingdom Days press release was picked up by more than 100 online outlets. FirstTracks covered an article about Kingdom Days.

§  Other PR Initiatives:

·  Long form summer TV script and shoot. Houston, Dallas and Atlanta satellite live interviews took place June 2.

·  Denver/Boulder Media visits June 3 and 4 included meetings with 5280, Associated Press, Westword, Travel Weekly, Sunset freelancer and Mountain Sports and Living.

·  Confirmed summer media visits with journalists from Dallas Morning News, Travel Weekly, Austin American Statesman, Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, Des Moines Register, MomTV, Sunset freelancer and New York Times freelancer.

§  Goodbye! Carly’s last day is July 2!


§  Working with professional members on ways to advertise to other Chamber members and in new member basket and relocation packet.

§  Annual Meeting July 21, 3pm at One Ski Hill Place.

§  I think it would be a good idea to drop all members who haven’t paid and haven’t set up a payment plan at this time.

§  5 New Members in the month of May were Beetle Blockers, At Your Breck and Call, Dan Gibbs, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and Kayak Lake Dillon.

Special Events

§  Kingdom Days: The weekend weather was wonderful, the streets seemed full and initial feedback from the sites was mixed.

·  Walking tour attendees increased, some sites were slightly softer than 2009, Outhouse Race viewers increased and the Community Picnic remained flat (charged a nominal fee this year). Many competing events around the county and the mountains.

§  4th of July: Parade registrations are coming in, to date we already have 20 parade entries.

·  Since the last Board meeting, the Town staff has decided that barricades are to be used for crowd control at the parade. We were able to stay within budget by reallocating the funding earmarked for the Marching Band.

·  Safety is a definite concern, but will need to review if we can fund barricades and marching bands in future budgets.

§  Oktoberfest: Planning is in full swing for the fall fundraiser.

·  Steins should be leaving Germany within two weeks.

·  Brewmaster’s Dinner tickets are already selling

·  Vendor packets have gone out and we are actively recruiting additional vendors

·  Volunteers have already started calling Heidi

·  Paulaner is no longer sponsoring Denver’s Oktoberfest, so we have their full attention for additional promotions and activations.

May 2010 Performance

Media Relations Activity

·  Print/Online Media Equivalency: Media Value totaled $69,543, Media Value YTD totaled $3,525,329

·  Total Consumer Impressions: 28,748,821 impressions, 99,305,283 impressions YTD

Internet and Publications Activity

·  May Unique visits up 3.5%, compared to last year page visits are up 12%; Time on site up 10%, over last year. 1. Events page, 2 what to do, page 3 the Town, 4 summer what to do.

·  May Unique Visits up 113% previous compared to last year, pages visited are up to 120%. and

Time on site up 25% compared to last year.

Vacation Planner Activity: 231 Travel Planners Requested

*Does not include planners distributed at major events, conventions, visitor centers, etc.

Welcome Center Traffic Activity

·  Front Door: 20,398

·  Bathrooms/ATM: 9,513

·  Upstairs: 1,179

Breckenridge Occupancy & Rate Data

·  Average Occupancy: May 2010 occupancy was 10%; 48% above 2009 occupancy of 7%

·  Average Room Rate: May 2010 ADR was $112; 10% above the $102 rate in 2009

·  RevPar Average: May 2010 RevPar was $11, 63% above the 2009 rate of $7

·  As of May 31, 2010; Summer occupancy is pacing 1% above 2009; ADR +6%, RevPar +7%

Competitive Data

·  Change in Average Occupancy: MTRiP Aggregate May occupancy was 12%; -17% to LY

·  Change in Average Occupancy: The MTRiP Comp set occupancy dropped 19%; from 10% to 8.1% (Copper, Park City; Steamboat, Wail, Winter Park)

·  Change in Average Occupancy: The MTRiP Colorado data set lost 34%; from 13.9% to 9.2%

·  Change in Average Occupancy: The State of Colorado data set was not available for May.

·  Market Share; Occupancy: +83% to Comp Set; 125% to MTRiP Colo.

·  Market Share; Raw Room Nights: $5,581 nights occupied in May 2010

Membership Activity

·  Total Members: 406 (as of May 31)

·  New Members: 5 (see above)

·  Dropped Members: 1 (as of May 31) - Great Outdoor Clothing Co.

Sales Activity

·  New Leads: 9

·  Leads YTD: 39

·  New Lead RN’s: 591

·  Lead RN’s YTD: 4472

·  Potential Revenue from new RN $88,650

·  Pending Leads: 24

·  Booked Leads YTD: 4

·  Booked Lead RN’s YTD: 450

·  Potential Booked Revenue from RN YTD: $ 67,500

·  Lost/Cancelled Leads YTD: 11

·  Conference Attendees Assisted: 0

·  Sales Calls: 3

Breckenridge Central Reservations

·  Call Volume: 588 calls; -10% to LY

·  Conversion on calls:7.1% vs. 9.4% budget, overall conversion 15.5% vs. 15.5% budget

·  Reservations: 91 vs. budget of 101 and 96 last year

·  ADR was 10% above budget

·  LOS was .7 nights above budget

·  Room Revenue: $41,106; 31% above budget

·  Total Revenue collected: 54,862; 123% of budget

·  Incremental Revenue Lines: $6,987 total; $3,964 above budget

Event Activity

·  Total Revenue: $2018 for May, monthly budget goal was $4,300
FYTD is down 39%
Much of this is due to timing for sponsorship payments.

·  Sponsor Revenue: $1,959 for May, monthly budget goal was $2,100.
FYTD is $39174, down from the $52,200 FYTD budget goal

·  Total Expenses: $4,538 for May, monthly budget goal was $10,500.
FYTD expenses are down 14% or $22,690 to budget

·  Event Attendance: There were no events in May. FYTD event attendance remains at 62,645.