Boost Employee Output Through Our Unique Type Faster, Work Smarter Programme Or Your Money

Boost Employee Output Through Our Unique Type Faster, Work Smarter Programme Or Your Money

Boost employee output through our unique ‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’ programme – or your money back!

Today, around 95% of business documents are electronic. So typing is no longer just for secretaries. In this age of the desktop computer, we are all typists now!

Yet around 80% of computer users cannot type efficiently and consequently perform at only about half their potential speed with often poor levels of accuracy.

Save your organisation hundreds - if not thousands - of £s a year

When your employees can touch type – that is to type with all their fingers without looking down at the keyboard - they will be much more productive, gaining your business thousands of extra hours, improving your profitability, whilst at the same time producing more accurate and professional business communications.

Touch-typing is also the healthy way to type! So your employees are much less likely to suffer from repetitive strain injuries. Typing faster and effortlessly reduces stress levels too!

Leading the way

Type&Test are the UK’s leading specialists in touch-typing training and assessment. Our products are the only ones used by Awarding Bodies such as the BCS and SQA to prepare learners for national typing qualifications.

Now, through our unique ‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’ programme, we aim to continue to make a significantly positive impact on productivity both in the public and private sectors, right across the UK.

A structured programme with guaranteed results

Everyone can learn to touch type, even those who have settled into a habit of typing with two fingers over many years. Most people just need a little help to do so.

Our ‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’ programme involves regular short practice sessions done at the desktop or at home. Using our enjoyable self-paced interactive online learning tool, and with personal tuition delivered online by one of our experienced tutors, we guarantee that your employees will significantly increase their typing speed whilst developing high levels of accuracy.

And once speed-typing techniques are learned and applied, speeds will soon increase further through regular everyday use. 40 words per minute are usually attainable whilst many people go on to achieve speeds of up to 60 wpm or more. Few non touch typists manage more than 30 wpm and often have to waste time correcting their work afterwards.

An initial assessment

The Programme starts with a 5-minute assessment of your employees’ current typing skills, managed remotely and completed at their desktop. Most people have little or no idea of the speed at which they currently type, or of their accuracy level, but the assessment will make it immediately clear.

Then there follows an induction session with the Type&Test tutor through a desktop ‘webinar’ which will introduce participants to their course and give them the opportunity to set their personal objectives and to discuss their training plan.

Regular personalised feedback

Participants will firstly learn touch-typing techniques gradually over a period of 4 – 6 weeks through short self-directed interactive sessions lasting 15 – 30 minutes per day. Then they will start to build up speed and accuracy, fitting in practice sessions at times which suit the demands of their work, without them ever needing to leave their desk.

On a regular basis, the Type&Test tutor will check progress remotely and if necessary give feedback and encouragement via email, text or skype to keep participants on track.

‘Ditch’ and ‘Switch’

At the appropriate point in their training, usually between 6 – 10 weeks - participants will be encouraged to ‘ditch and switch’ – that is to ‘ditch’ their old typing methods and to ‘switch’ to touch-typing techniques for good. Later, at the end of their course, they will do a final assessment, again at their desktop, in order to measure precisely how much they have improved.

A guaranteed Return on Investment

Type&Test will provide a ‘Return on Investment’ report to show the productivity gains and financial savings your organisation will benefit from as a result of the programme. If any participants don’t improve their typing skills as a result of this programme, we will refund the cost of their course in full.


The programme is available for groups of at least 5 learners, with no maximum.

The price is £195 plus VAT per person paid in advance.

The initial typing assessment could be delivered first to identify who needs the course and who doesn’t. It is charged at £10 + VAT per head and this will be deducted from the course fee for each participant who embarks on the course.

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