Board And/Or Staff Leadership: Setting the Course

Board And/Or Staff Leadership: Setting the Course

2017 Best Practice Award Nomination

Board and/or staff leadership: setting the course

This award recognizes a nonprofit board or executive team that has played a key role in strengthening an organization through clarifying the strategic direction of the organization, establishing an effective partnership with board and staff to achieve the organizational goals, securing the necessary resources to meet those goals, and establishing and instituting clear policies and procedures for accountability.

Nominations will effectively convey the following criteria about how the nonprofit board or executive team:

  1. Created a strong track record of strengthening the organization and furthering its mission; established a professionally managed organization with strong and effective systems.
  2. Found innovative and creative ways to adapt to a changing environment and to address problems and challenges faced by organization.
  3. Built community both within and outside the organization.
  4. Exhibits a high level of ethical integrity.
  5. Shows a commitment to the sector by engaging in activities that strengthen the sector.
  6. Achieved meaningful and measurable results.

Deadline: The deadline for all nominations is July 24, 2017.

Application must include:

  • Award nomination form
  • Last board-approved financial statement
  • IRS 501(c) tax determination letter (not a tax-exempt certificate) is required ONLY if your organizations has never applied to the Rhode Island Foundation for funding. If an organization is serving as the fiscal agent for this request, please submit the IRS 501(c) tax determination letter for the fiscal agent.

Additional Information:

Refer to the Best Practice Award FAQ page on the INE website for more information about the Best Practice Awards and review process.


Please contact Keith Tavares at or (401) 427-4054.

Board/Staff Leadership Award Nomination Form

  1. Organization name:
  2. City/town of organization:
  3. Service area of organization (ie: East Bay or Woonsocket or statewide):
  4. Executive director:
  5. Primary contact name:
  6. Primary contact title:
  7. Primary contact phone:
  8. Primary contact email:
  1. Provide a brief overview of the organization, including mission, approximate size and date established, programs and services offered, and populations served. 200 word limit
  1. Please summarize your organization’s best practice in one to two sentences:
  1. Describe why your organization is uniquely qualified for this award (limit one page, size 12 font, double spaced, Times New Roman)*:

2017 award program timeline:

July 24:Applications due

October 3:Best practice awards reception, open to the public

* By virtue of submitting this application, you allow the Foundation permission to share and distribute your narrative.