BLE to Jobstarttrainees: Continue to Upgrade Skills

BLE to Jobstarttrainees: Continue to Upgrade Skills

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Department of Labor and Employment

Bureau of Local Employment

27 January 2017

BLE to JobStarttrainees: “Continue to upgrade skills,

be abreast of labor market trends.”

Job hunting is pivotal, especially to new entrants in the workforce, because it determines and paves the course of one’s career.It could be overwhelming at times, as one is given the full responsibility to decide, and the power to choose. Theneed to acquire employment security and financial stability is apparent, butone must also consider the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of workas theyulteriorly affect one’s level of productivity.

As the youth sets sail towards the sea of opportunities, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)offers various programs to address job-skill mismatch, to further equip them with a broad set of skills, and to give them various platforms for self-discovery and self-improvement.

“What am I most passionate about? What field would I like to explore further? How do I establish my career path? These are just few questions one must ponder on upon seeking a job,” said DOLE-Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) Director Dominique Rubia-Tutay to the finishers of the JobStart Philippines Life Skills Training (LST) sessions in a ceremony held on 27 January 2016 in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

The JobStart Philippines is a breakthrough employment program of the DOLE that commenced in 2014. It is especially designed to help the Filipino youth be fully-equipped with technical skills and right attitude towards work.

“In particular, the Life Skills Training has different modules which help young jobseekers to better understand and their personal aspirations and values in order to be more responsible in managing their time, money, health and emotions,” continued Director Tutay, emphasizing the increasing role of exceptional behavioral skills in the modern-day workplace.

JobStart, in justtwo (2) years of operations, has gain grounds because of its unique and holistic approach to employment facilitation: it has both life skills and technical trainings, as well as on-site internship components.

Director Tutay added, “While the training had been a rewarding and fruitful experience, bear in mind that learning is a continuous process and should not be bounded by the four corners of the training room. Learning must not only invade your minds; it must leave a mark in your hearts as well, and inspire you to take action.”

JobStart’ssuccessful trainees also get to be endorsed to the program’s partner employers so they can have actual work experience, and if qualified, be absorbed as regular employee.

“Entering the labor market is crucial because you are constantly going through the process of self-discovery. Hence, you have to determine your key strengths and passions which you could offer to meet the employers’ end, and to further improve your skills. Be the best version of yourselves as work entails dedication and commitment,” Director Tutay ended.

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