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Beth Jacob Hebrew School

Beth Jacob Hebrew School

Registration Information 2017/18

In order to plan appropriately for the year, we need to know how many students to expect; with that in mind, we ask that you submit your registration formas well as your written bursary request BY AUGUST 20th.


Wednesdays 4:30-6:15pm

September 13 – May 16 (no school Sept 20, Oct 11, Dec 27, Jan 3, March 14, Apr 4)

The school will be open by 3:45pm each Wednesday to welcome students for an after-school snack (which we will provide) and some social time.

Hebrew School will still officially begin at 4:30pm. This time from 3:45-4:30pm is intended to serve as optional bonus time for the children to spend together! A staff will be there to supervise.

Kindergarten – Post B’nai Mitzvah

(K/1, gr2/3, gr 3/4, gr5/6,gr 7/8depending on registration)

At 4:30 everyone will join together in the Richter Chapel for tfillah (prayer) and shira (songs) with Rabbi Hillel or Morah Gila

Classes will follow until 6:15 (three half-hour classes).

This year’s teachings staff will include:

Fay Schmerling – Hebrew letters, reading & writing; Holidays; Customs & Traditions (K-6)

Elana Moscoe – Israel and Hebrew vocabulary (K-4)

Gila Lawton –‘Uniquely Hamilton’ Project (see below for more information about this project) – (K-4)

We will also have joint learning programs with the Temple Anshe Sholom Hebrew School, as we did last year.TAS students will come to us, and we will go to TAS, for shared learning in preparation for:

September 13th - School year launch (@ Myer’s Apple Orchard)

December 13th- Chanukah (@ Shalom Village)

February 21st - Purim (Mishloach Manot/Matanot LaEvyonim)

May 2nd -Lag BaOmer

… and a final presentationthat will showcase the discoveries made by both schools through the 2ND year of our ‘Uniquely Hamilton’ community project (date TBA).

B’nai Mitzvah Leadership Course

Grade 5/6 – Year 1

Grade 7/8 – Year 2

These students are approaching a very important milestone – becoming a Bat or Bar Mitzvah! Each student hastheir own individual and unique celebration of this event, butthis course adds a group dimension to the preparations, allowing the kids and their families camaraderie, connection, and learning experiences that they would not have individually. Students will take on projects aimed at enhancing their understanding oftheir post-B’nai Mitzvah identity and responsibilities. The course will be taught in rotation byTova Vertes, Rina Rodak and Rabbi Hillel- there will also be field trips, guest speakers or project leaders, and joint learning with Temple Anshe Sholom’s B’nai Mitzvah class.

*Instruction in Hebrew reading will continue for grades 5/6!


Over the past year, the staff of Beth Jacob Hebrew School and staff of the Temple Anshe Sholom Religious School developed a (school) year-long project that will involve all the students at both schools, but will be carried out mainly in each school’s own space. The collaborative dimension of the project will be manifested in jointly-established goals, periodic meet-ups, and use of a digital presentation platform that facilitates a collaborative approach. The project, “Uniquely Hamilton: A Living Jewish History Project,” will focus on the immigration stories of diverse members of Hamilton’s Jewish community. The students will work together toward a shared goal, take part in project-related activities (art, song/dance, cooking, etc), field trips, and participate in question-and-answer sessions with guest speakers.

Shabbat/Holiday Programming

September 22 – Rosh Hashanah Family Service with Cantor Frani

September 23 – Rosh Hashanah Family Service with David Gershon

September 30 – Yom Kippur family service (with story and discussion following during the Yizkor service)

October 4 – Sukkah decorating (4:30-6:15pm)

October 12 – Simchat Torah fun

October 27 – Shabbat Dinner

Nov 18 – Bnai Mitzvah Leadership Class hosting Beth Tzedec’s Bnai Mitzvah

class and ECRUSY Shabbaton (Morning service through Havdallah)

December 17–Congregational Channukah Dinner

January 20–Family Focused Shabbat morning service

February 2 – Shabbat Dinner

February 28–Purim

March 24 – Youth Shabbat morning service

May 5– Family focused Shabbat morning service

May 19 – Tikkun Leyl Shavuot – Family focused service and learning

June 23 – Family Focused Shabbat morning service

The programs will be different each time and will be age-specific (i.e. some for grades 3 and up, some for preschoolers, some for the entire family to enjoy together). Information about these programs will be shared via email and via the Beth Jacob e-circle.

Optional Classes

Hebrew Language Enrichment

Mondays 4:15-5:00/5:00-5:45pm

We are offering an optional opportunity to further develop the students’ Hebrew Language skills. For those families who are interested, a teacher will be overseeing this Hebrew enrichment class every Monday beginning in October after the High Holidays. Beginner/Intermediate levels will be offered from 4:15-5:00 and Intermediate/Advanced will run from 5:00 to 5:45 (each student’s level will be determined in the first weeks of Wednesday Hebrew school).

*At least ten students need to registerfor this classto run.

**There will be an extra fee for this class, in addition to the Wednesday Hebrew school tuition.

Post B’nai Mitzvah Community Volunteer Opportunities


By September, a calendar of volunteer opportunities throughout our community (Jewish and non) will be made available for this group of students. For those who are in grade 9+, these volunteer hours will count towards the volunteer hours curricular requirement established by the province. A staff member will coordinate the opportunities and will supervise when appropriate.

NOTE: Some of these opportunities will be ongoing during the year and students can choose to continue to volunteer on their own. Other opportunities will be one time only or will be dependent on the size of the group committed to attending.

*There will be a $100 fee for this opportunity to cover administrative work and the time of the supervising staff.

Morris Black Public Speaking Contest Preparation class (grades 3-8)

Dates &Times TBD

This class will be heldduring the 6 weeks prior to the annual community Morris Black Public Speaking Contest,to prepare students for participation in the contest. An educator will help the students pick a topic, and guide them through the research and speech-writing process. The students will think creatively about a topic related to Judaism, develop public speaking skills, and practice together with their peers.

*At least five students need to register for this class to be held.

**This class will be free for any Hebrew School student

Annual Tuition Fees

NOTE: Tuition includes Hebrew School (including snacks and before-class social time), Shabbat Programming, the 6-week Morris Black Public Speaking Contest Preparation course (grade 3-8), PLUS the congregational Chanukah dinner (Sunday December 17th, 2017) for the student and her/his immediate family (parents and siblings who are not Hebrew School age).

Wednesdays – Kindergarten through B’nai Mitzvah Leadership:

Beth Jacob Member Tuition:$670

Non-Member Tuition:$765

Monday Hebrew Language Class:$275

Post B’nai Mitzvah Volunteer Opportunity Program:$100

Tuition can be paid in-full or in installments over the first term. Payment plans and bursaries are available for families that require them. Requests for payment plans or bursaries must be made in writing along with the registration formsby August 20th.

All requests will be kept confidential.

If paying by credit card, please fill out the payment portion provided on the registration form or contact the office at 905-522-1351. If paying by cheque, make cheques payable to “Beth Jacob Synagogue” and deliver or mail it to the synagogue at the address below. All fees must be paid by January 31, 2018.

Formscheques can be delivered or mailed to:


C/O Beth Jacob Synagogue

375 Aberdeen Avenue

Hamilton ON L8P 2R7

Forms and bursary request can also be emailed to Rina at .

Withdrawal from Hebrew School:

Should you wish to withdraw your child from Hebrew School, written notice of intent must be sent to Rina Rodak. There will be no refunds after October 31st, except in exceptional circumstances. Prior to October 31st, tuition will be refunded minus a $150 administration fee.

Students with Special Needs:

Our school aims to educate all students in a way that optimizes their learning. If a student requires assistance, or needs us to reconsider our approach so that s/he can better learn the curriculum, we will make appropriate arrangements. Please speak to Rina so that we can plan for these needs before the school year begins.

*NOTE: The Hamilton Jewish Federation’s Special Needs Action Project (S.N.A.P.) bursary fund can be helpful to families with children who have special needs and require educational testing or in-class support. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Rina.

Beth Jacob’s Hebrew School is a beneficiary of the UJA Federation of Hamilton