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Bet Show Jumping Live

Bet Show Jumping Live

Competition in Groups with Winning Round.


Millstreet April 10th

Louth County April 25th

Galway EC May 3rd

Mullingar Int May 30th (Int2)

Rules: Qualifiers will take place at four venues (Millstreet, Louth, Galway EC, Mullingar Int.)

1 At each qualifier the first eight placed athletes in descending order will qualify for the final at Mullingar Int. Show on Sunday May 31st.

2 An athlete may only qualify one horse for the final. If an athlete is placed in the top eight places with more than one horse he must declare the horse that he wishes to jump in the final with the ground jury before the class presentation finishes. The next qualifying place will go to the combination in ninth place etc.

3 All eight places must be filled on the day of the qualifier and riders will be asked to declare with the ground jury within a half hour of the class finishing if they intend to compete in the final or not. ( Note rule 7) If a rider placed in the first eight is not available to compete at the final they must inform the ground jury who may award the next eligible placed rider the qualifying position.

4 There will be no substitution of horses at the final

5 At the final no substitution of riders will be permitted unless Bona Fide sale and change of registered owner proven by May 22nd deadline .

6 To compete in the final ...the qualified RIDER & HORSE WILL HAVE TO REGISTER WITH THE FEI & DECLARE to compete in the INTERNATIONAL SECTION of the Mullingar Int Horse Show

7 If any of the 24 qualified riders ( submitted by the ground jury following the first three qualifiers ) do not declare to jump in the final ALL RESERVES will be filled from the next eligible placings from the fourth qualifier ie Mullingar qualifier, May 30th

8 A horse/riders first qualification will secure its qualification regardless of further placings at later qualifiers.

9 A total of 32 riders will qualify for the final

10 Competitions will be run under either SJI or FEI rules

11 Article 238.2.1

12 Fence Height 1.30

13 Minimum Prize fund at each qualifier in 2015: €2500 with suggested entry Fee €30 minimum

14 All qualifiers must be pre entered where possible to the relevant venue & a draw made by the OC

15 Senior Nat judge plus two judges is recommended.

Bet Show Jumping Live

Competition in Groups with Winning Round Final (Article 275)

  1. The 32 horse/rider combinations who qualified at the four qualifying venues (Millstreet, Louth, Galway, Mullingar ) will be eligible to jump in the Competition in Groups with winning round final (International 6) including reserves from the next eligible placings from the Mullingar qualifier.
  2. The OC will do a draw dividing the riders into four groups (Group A,B,C, D ) according to how the riders finished in each of the qualifiers with the winning rider at each qualifier jumping last , runner up 2nd etc. Reserve riders will jump first in each group.
  3. All the athletes in Group A jump , then group B etc
  4. The best athlete in each group qualifies for the winning round (total of four riders)
  5. All Athletes in the winning round start with 0 penalties.
  6. Athletes will start the winning round in reverse order of results(time & penalties) in the first round
  7. The first round and the winning round are judged under Table A
  8. Prize money will be divided between the final four riders as follows

1st 10,0002nd 5,0003rd3,0004th 2,000


Millstreet : Thomas Duggan : ,

Louth : Mary Mahon/Tom Holden

Galway : Frances O Brien

Mullingar : Dorothy : ,