BCPS Fantasy Football League

BCPS Fantasy Football League

BCPS Fantasy Football League

It’s back! The BCPS Fantasy Football League will be running again this year. The start date for the competition is 19th October 2013.

If you, your parents or any other family member would like to join in this year’s competition then simply visit the following website:

Once there you will need to register a team. Each team registered will need an email address associated with that team. You will need to complete the entry form, with your email as your user name. Only complete the top section of the form.

The area below this line is for teachers wanting to set up a new league. This has already been done for BCPS.

Once the form has been filled with the entrants details correctly you will need to tick the Terms and Conditions box at the bottom and click register.

After this has been done, you will be taken to a team selection page, where you can select your team of players for the coming season. You will need to name your team (must be original) and you will need to select a captain for your team.

Once this has been done you are ready to play and compete! The only thing left to do is join a league. I have set up many leagues so that there is a fair competition for all who want to play. The league details can be seen below with their corresponding pins (these are used to search for the relevant league).

League Name / Pin
BCPS / 4539102
BCPS – Infants / 3798257
BCPS – Year 3 / 2488605
BCPS – Year 4 / 2958410
BCPS – Year 5 / 7567976
BCPS – Year 6 / 8477249
BCPS - Teachers / 9965480
BCPS –Friends & Family / 8628078

When you are joining the above Leagues you will need to join 2 leagues. The BCPS League will give us an overall winner, so all teams entered must join that League. After that you have the option to join an age appropriate League so that you can compete with others from your age group or class.

If you have any problems or require help in setting up a team please do not hesitate to contact me.

We hope it will be an exciting and eventful season. Good luck to all those who enter!!!


Mr Bryant

SFL Chairman for BCPS