Baroque Art Multiple Choice Questions

Baroque Art Multiple Choice Questions

Baroque Art Multiple Choice Questions

1St. Charles of the Four Fountains is an unusual Baroque building because of its

Arich, decorative textures of various colors

Blarge staircase preceding the entrance

Cundulating forms

Dsmall size

2Vanitas paintings are usually seen as symbolic elements in

Astill lifes, where they demonstrate the passing nature of human life

Bgenre paintings, where they show the foibles of human interactions

Clandscapes, where they stress the changing nature of the seasons

Dhistorical paintings, where they indicate the folly of greatness and triumph

3Which of the following is the prime reason why Caravaggio's public and patrons found his art objectionable?

AHe copied directly from great masters of the Renaissance and was considered derivative rather than inventive.

BHe worked for discredited bishops, popes, and kings and was tainted by association.

CHe made saintly figures have earthy characteristics, which shocked church officials.

DHe showed the harsh glare of direct sunlight on his figures, which illuminated them in an uncompromising light.

4The Direct influence of Caravaggio can be seen in works by other painters, especially

AVelazquez's Water Carrier of Seville

BVan Dyck's Charles I Dismounted

CRuisdael's View of Haarlem

DRigaud's Louis XIV

5Patronage in the Baroque period came principally from the aristocracy or the Church except in



C Holland


6Portrait painters such as Rembrandt were noted for their

Afidelity to the likenesses of their subjects

Bpsychological penetration

Cequity in arranging individuals in groups

Dreliance on classical subject matter

7Saint Paul's Cathedral by Christopher Wren was built

Aafter the Thirty Years' War

Bas a Counter-Reformation statement

Cafter the War of Spanish Succession

Dafter the Great Fire of London

8An important development in the Baroque is interest in landscape architecture. Usually Baroque landscape architects

Atry to dominate the building with landscape

Bcreate long avenues for dramatic views

Crely on the circle as the most perfect shape

Dimitate great landscape paintings in their work

9Genre paintings are the specialty of

AFrans Hals

BHyacinth Rigaud

CNicholas Poussin

D Jan Vermeer

10An innovation seen in the architecture of Borromini is his

Ause of non-Western elements in his Catholic churches

Bmassing of forms on a grand scale to achieve a powerful effect

Cuse of gardens to enhance the setting of his buildings

Dcreation of stone buildings that are not linear but curvilinear and undulating in form

11San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane by Borromini is unique because of its______.

Asculptural decoration

Bround dome

Cplacement on the site

Delastic concave and convex surfaces

12Francesco de Zurbaran worked primarily for ______.

APhillip IV

Bmonastic orders

CFrench patrons

DPope Innocent X

13During his diplomatic visit to Spain, Rubens, in the company of Velazquez, rediscovered the works in the royal collection by______.



CVan Dyck

DJan Brueghel

14Hals and Rembrandt made innovative contributions to the history of portraiture in pictures of:

AFlemish aristocrats

Bthe Hapsburg monarchy

Ccivic guard companies

Dboth a and c

15In Holland, an artist's chief means of support came from the ______

Achurch of Rome


Cprivate collectors

DDutch King and queen

16The theatrical illusionism of Baroque works is similar to those seen in which of the following periods?

ARoman Republic

BChinese Ming

CCambodian Khymer

DGreek Hellenistic

17Dutch artists sold their work through




Dall of the above

18An invisible complement is implied in Bernini's work depicting______.

APope Innocent X


Cthe finding of Moses

Dthe meeting of Pope Leo I and Attilla

19Velazquez was appointed court painter to the Spanish______.

Amonastic houses

BPope Innocent X

CKing Phillip IV

DPope Urban VIII

20The architect who designed the colonnade and piazza in front of St. Peter's was ______.




DSir Christopher Wren

21The Codex Mendoza was created for

AAztecs as an official account of their history

Bthe Aztecs as a record of their civilization before the conquest by Spain

CAntonio de Mendoza as a keepsake to remember his time spent in Mexico

DEuropeans to show them this history of the Aztecs

22The Virgin of Guadalupe by Miguel Gonzalez shows the influence of Asian art in its

Ause of exotic materials, such as mother-of-pearl

Bsubject matter, which included the Chinese shrine at Guadalupe

CChinese calligraphy idet6ifying the images

Dabstract formulae for depicting the human body