Barningham Parish Council

Barningham Parish Council


Vicki Gay, Clerk to the Council

Red House, Back Hills, Botesdale, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 1DW

Tel 01379 898733


You are invited to tender to supply and install a new Shelter and play/fitness equipment as specified in Annex B, attached.

Barningham Cricket Meadow is situated off Church Road, adjacent to Barningham Primary School, Barningham IP31 1DD. The area is shown on Annex D. It is an open meadow surrounded on three sides by trees and bushes and boarded on the fourth by the Primary School. The Parish Council have a budget of £55,000. (fifty-five thousand pounds)

Your tender must comply with the Instructions to Tenderers in Annex A to this letter. The Scope of Work is defined in Annex B. Associated required Terms and Conditions of Contract are included at Annex C.

Any resultant contract will be with Barningham Parish Council. The project covers work on land owned by Barningham Parish Council.

The invitation to tender is not a commitment by the Parish Council to place an order now or at a later stage. Any expenditure, work or effort undertaken prior to acceptance of a contract, is a matter solely for the commercial judgement of your company.

Key Dates

29th March 2016: issue of tender documents to interested tenderers

13th April 2016: final date for clarification of queries

22nd April 2016: by 12:00 noon: closing date/time for receipt of tenders

4th May 2016: approval of successful tender by Parish Council (subject to Parish Council meeting being quorate)

On or after 5th May: notification of result of tendering process

Yours sincerely

Vicki Gay

Clerk to Barningham Parish Council


Upon receipt of this tender please e-mail to confirm receipt and provide a point of contact.

Clarification questions regarding this tender shall be sent by e-mail to or posted to the above address. They must be received by the Parish Council by 17.00 hrs on 13th April 2016. Any questions received after this date may not be addressed. Clarification questions and any associated answers will be notified (anonymously) to all tenderers.

Your tender must be delivered in hard-copy on or before 17.00 hrs on 22nd April 2016 to the above address, clearly labelled "BARNINGHAM CRICKET MEADOW". 2 copies of the tender paperwork shall be provided.

The Parish Council is looking for a creative design for an outdoor area suitable for children, young people and adults alike.

They would like a youth shelter in the area shown on the attached map (Annex D) A concrete ping pong table, a new goal end, to complement the existing one, if room allows and a fixed skate board piece. All these items shown in Annex E. In addition, they would like a selection of outdoor gym equipment to include: Skiing, Rowing and Climbing workouts. The Parish Council wants a design that is both creative and sympathetic to the rural area in which it is set and as such give free reign, within the above criteria, for you to create a really exciting and innovative design.

The Cricket Meadow is open to the public and can be accessed at any time for the purposes of compiling your tender response.

Your tender must detail your plans to ensure the safety of the public and the security of the site during the preparation and implementation.

Your tender must detail any requirements of Barningham Parish Council.

Your tender must state any caveats, assumptions or exceptions that are appropriate to your bid.

Your tender must be fully compliant with the Scope of Work, Instructions to Tenderers and Terms and Conditions. It shall include a statement confirming this.

Your tender shall outline similar works conducted with references if available.

Your tender shall define the programme of work relative to the Contract Award date and shall provide an outline of key activity dates and milestones.

Your tender shall provide a FIXED PRICE against the Scope of Work. Your prices shall not be subject to variation whatsoever. The tenderer is responsible for all necessary survey work that will enable a FIXED PRICE quotation.

The Contractor is requested to submit a quotation for providing all of the works; together with an individual breakdown for each of these elements as the Council reserves the right to award the contract either as a whole or in individual elements dependant on which option(s) best support the needs of the Council.

The safety and security of equipment and machinery is the responsibility of the Contractor until satisfactory completion of the contract.

Your tender shall define a payment schedule and payments must be linked to clear project milestones.

Vehicle access to the Cricket Meadow is limited and this must be taken in to consideration when preparing your tender.

All tenders received shall be assessed against the Scope of Work. The preferred tenderer will be notified of the result on or after 5th May 2016

The winning tenderer will be invited to commence work on a date agreed with the Parish Council, subject to agreement of terms and conditions including proof of insurance cover.

Anticipated Works Programme: Works to be done 1st June to 30th June 2016

On completion the tenderer will be required to provide all necessary certificates to comply with current legislation.


•Prepare the site, installing safety fencing as necessary and agreed with the Parish Council.

•Prepare the area for the new installation.

•Supply and install a teen shelter in position indicated on the plan and agreed with the Parish Council. Annex D.

•Supply and install a concrete ping pong table within purple highlighted area, agreed with the Parish Council. Annex D

•Supply and install a new goal end, to complement the existing goal, if room allows for a game to played between the two goals, (not necessarily full size) within the purple highlighted area, agreed with the Parish Council. Annex D

•Supply and install a fixed skate board piece, similar to that shown in Annex E, with any associated safety surface, within the purple highlighted area agreed with the Parish Council.

•Supply and install out door gym equipment, similar to that shown in Annex E, with any associated safety surface, to include Skiing, Rowing and Climbing workouts as a minimum, within the purple highlighted area, agreed with the Parish Council.

•Return the play areas and surrounding area to the parish council ready for use.


The following terms and conditions shall apply to any contract resultant from this invitation to tender:

The work shall be complete by the completion date defined in the contract. Delays to the completion date shall be subject to liquidated damages of 1% of the contract value (excl. VAT) per week of delay. Delays that are outside of the Contractors control (weather etc.) shall be notified to the Parish Council immediately and a revised end date agreed. In such cases the liquidated damages clause shall not apply.

Any changes to the Scope of Work shall be agreed prior to the commencement of work.

The tenderer must hold appropriate levels of insurance cover and have provided copies of documentation.

Site Security:

Temporary on site storage of plant and materials to be agreed on site with the Parish Council. All plant and materials kept on site must be secured and left on site at own risk. All services required must be provided and maintained by the Contractor.

Site security of storage, works and equipment must be demonstrated in tender. All areas of work must be kept fenced off at all times from public access to ensure public safety at all times.

The site is to be maintained in a secure state until completion at which time all temporary fencing, building materials and equipment is to be removed and all works made good. The site is also to be left in a safe and tidy state at the end of each working day.

The Contractor is to make good any damage caused to any land, public and private roads, footpaths, services under, kerbs, paved areas, boundary walls, and fences etc. by his own and by subcontractors and suppliers plant, transport and activities, at his own expense or pay the cost and charges in connection therewith.

The Contractor shall keep any roads, drains, footpaths and paving on or adjacent the site or used by traffic entering or leaving the site in a clean and unobstructed and safe state to the satisfaction of the Client. Where, however, in spite of such precautions, mud or rubbish is carried on to the roads, footpaths or paving, the Contractor shall immediately clean up such mud or rubbish at his own expense.

Maintenance of the finished facility:

Spare parts: The Contractor is to submit a schedule of spare parts that should be obtained by the Client for the maintenance of the installation, any specific security keys required will be provided by the Contractor.

Health and Safety Considerations.

The applicant will be responsible for compliance with all health and safety regulations

The following map, Annex D is provided as an indication of the requirement and is not intended to represent actual dimensions. It shall be used to interpret the Scope of Work only. The tenderer is strongly recommended to visit the site to confirm dimensions.

Annex D site location. Area for new equipment highlighted purple

ANNEX E – Items required. These are the preferred designs for the items required all suggestions to be as close to these designs as possible.

New goal end, to complement existing if room allows.

Existing goal.

Fixed skate board piece similar to below

Teen shelter

Concrete ping pong table

Out door gym equipment