Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting

Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting



New reporting structure

Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting

Raise questions about time on technology

Time locking devices - modem (Telstra)

Google search on “Porn” – 2 seconds

Youtube “sex”

Google– have blocked “child porn”

Google “Safe Search” - RHS

Turn on ‘safe search” – general setting


(Parent – monitoring Internet Web History.

Have an honest conversation with children)

In game app purchases – Turn off on iPads (Google search will show how)

Charges for premium numbers, cost per number – phone bill

Data limit excessive charges

Telstra don’t but some providers do.

Fingerprint passwords – phones, back up passwords (honesty about checking)

Digital Pictures

“Spatial awareness – be aware of what is around when taking photos”

Exif Data

Information recorded behind picture

GPS co-ordinates

Time and data

Location services turned on

Co-ordinates put into Google maps – can be located

Phones & iPads

Crimes online


- On line bullying/harassment

- Predators finding targets


Fraud/ID theft




Virus on-line or link


Gangs/Hate Groups )

Terrorism ) increasing at the moment

Illicit Drugs Marketplace )

Emphasise to children

Full Name

Personal Details – address

Photos - school uniforms/vehicles

Personal activity

Inappropriate comments (Potential victims)


Bullying even in Minecraft

Minecraft nude & sex mode Minecraft sex simulator

Internet Trolls

Makes them feel bad about themselves

Flaming – Hateful remark

Troll bait – statement left on purpose

Raids – group targeting one person

Bad advice – advice that damages the computer

DO NOT feed the trolls

Challenge – “cyber bullying”


Grandtheft Auto - prostitute in game (not appropriate)


Reason Pressure from opposite sex

51% girls,18% boys

Pressure 23 girls, 24 boys

Reasons 56% flirtatious, 52% pressure from boyfriend


Start conversation


Relationship change

Cannot stop the picture being shared if on the Internet

Film photos published Nov 2013

Kids under 18 making videos of each other

Mutual assistance request – 12 months to get information back (international)

SNAP chat

Copy picture without notification

KICK Manager – Canada

Hash tags #

# Kikme

Collect on link and takes straight to Instagram

Teen chat rooms

Black mail scam after chat

Social networking – 80% put password info on.

Online grooming process

Takes interest in the child, make feel special and gains trust, takes out of public space, isolate, turn against parents, mobile/texts/webcams, normalise sexual behaviour, gifts, threatening behaviours and meet.

Your house, your rules, other children over