Austin Pure Air /Genano

Austin Pure Air /Genano


New Agent Training – Section # 8

“The Incredible Economic Advantageof GENANO® Technology:PART 2”

Let’s Review Some Key Selling Points:

  • The energy costs for HEPA filter-based systems are 50 times greater than the energy costs for GENANO® Technology products.
  • The total costs for Portable HEPA filter-based systems are 5 to 6 times greater than that of Portable GENANO® Technology products—though GENANO’s purify 100 times better!

This holds true for every customer from the homeowner to commercial-industrial enterprises to large hospitals, and it makes an enormous difference.

Another way of stating these first two points:

GENANO® air purifiers use only 2% of the energy that

filtersystems do.

And GENANO® air purifiers over their lengthy life span cost overall only about 12-20% of what filter systems do.

What a remarkable financial savings over the long run!

What a help for the environment, using no filters!

  • GENANO’s filter-free technologyalso spares customers the health hazards associated with other technologies—filters and UV lights.

Note!With other technologies, very expensive filters quickly become dirty and must eventually be replaced, thus presenting a real threat to health because filters are incubators of trapped pathogens, which can easily be released back into ambient air during the changing process. Or UV lights, which have mercury in them, must be changed, presenting a serious hazard many maintenance workers are fearful of.Infection or injury from filters/UV lights can cause extremely expensive sicknesses or even hospitalization and resulting lost time from work.

  • Last but NOT Least:

GENANO® Technology Products are 100 times more powerful in their purification efficiency than HEPA filter-based systems and have a much greater range of square footage reached.

There simply is no comparison. HEPA’s normally purify particulates only as small as .3 microns (ultra-HEPA’s go a little smaller—to .1 microns), and there is a world of particulates harmful to human health smaller than that size.


90% of what floats in our indoor air—because of modern-day highway diesel exhausts that penetrate indoors and because of our toxic indoor cooking and because of biological contaminants that invade our indoor living spaces and because of many other harmful pollutants—all this threatens our hearts, our lungs, our organs, our entire immune systems, and is smaller than any HEPA system can remove from indoor air.


Because GENANO’s destroy and safely remove even

nano-sized particulates—thus disposing of even viruses like the Ebola and the Enterovirus 68, not to mention all the other threats previously mentioned.


Summarizing the Superiority of GENANO® Technology

  • Energy costs: 50 times greater for HEPA’s versus GENANO’s
  • Total costs: 5-6 times greater for HEPA’s versus GENANO’s
  • Restated: GENANO’s energy costs are 2%of HEPA energy costs AND GENANO’s total costs are 20% or lessof HEPA total costs
  • Purification power/efficiency of GENANO’s 100 times that of filter systems,thus providing far greater health, vitality, and protection from costly illness

Notice that it is easy to identify the extremely hazardous90% of indoor air particles floating for hours, days, even weeks in our modern-day indoor air that HEPA filter-based systems CANNOT destroy and safely remove asGENANO Technology Air Purifiers do.

(If you’re interested, the approximate number is 18 million particles per cubic foot.) This extremely hazardous 90%is charted to theleft of the thick black middle lineabove. That line is what separates GENANO results from all others. Only GENANO’s can ultra-purify from indoor air the viruses, the DNA, the smaller chemical and biological particles, the smaller radiological and nano-sized manufacturing particles, and the smaller diesel exhaust particles, tobacco smoke particles, and cooking smoke particulates.

Therefore,ECONOMICALLY THE POWER OF A G200 OR G310 OR G4500 lies not just in its vastly lower energy consumption and lack of need for expensive filters, but in its ability to destroy and safely remove from indoor air the 90%of particulates other systems can’t deal with—thus providing vitality and health and protected life! HOW VALUABLE ARE THOSE!?!?!