Auckland Mathematical Association

Auckland Mathematical Association

Auckland Mathematical Association

The Executive will meet in Room A332, A Block, University of Auckland Epsom Campus at 4:30 pm Wednesday29thJune 2016.


  1. Apologies



Marion Steel, Masina Po’e-Tofaeono, Jan Wallace, Gillian Frankcom, Steve Buckley, Mala Nataraj, Fred Furlan, Barbara Wallis, Malia Puloka, Alan Santos, Gail Ledger, Suzie Zhen, Phil Glass, Sheila Singh, Rachel Passmore, Robyn Headifen, Kerri Spooner, Tony Carey, Ranee Prasad

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting, 25th May.

Motion to accept the minutes Fred/Steve

  1. Matters arising from the minutes

Registration for Stats Day is open on Labour Weekend

  1. Correspondence– NZAMT funding of Maths competitions

Gillian responded on our behalf.

Mathex - Fred’s made some good questions. Might need volunteers for Year 9&10.

Gillian to send questions to everyone. Due dates will be given in Gillian’s email.

Mathex pens to be provided.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Sheila

HoD we made a loss of ~$4000. A little bit better than last year. We still have money coming in from HoD day.

We may consider raising the costs to register.

Motion to accept Suzie/Fred

  1. HOD Survey on recruitment & retention of Maths teachers. MoE letter.

Possible questions for survey– Rachel

Discussions around wording of questions.

7.Banner suggestions

Discussion around updating the banners. We need the correct version of the AMA logo. The version on the website is not the right one.

  1. 3rd September Saturday morning.

Malia, Robyn – ‘New to NZ’ workshops

Discussion about why numbers for AMA Saturdays have dwindled. We believe that the numbers are consistent to what they were before the realignment of standards.

Trouble has been to find speakers. Teachers busy because of sports/family etc.

Perhaps invite Primary/Intermediate teachers for Maths PD.

More technology based PD – kahoot, etc. Give us time to explore the technology.

University of Auckland Math Education Unit are willing to present.

Ranee and Alan to organise.

Rachel and Mala and Kerri – Look at Presenters

Phil and Barb – Morning Tea

  1. Current AMA membership form

Discussion around getting members emails.

  1. AMA Newsletter

Template has been set up by Robyn.

Robyn to send everyone on GoogleDocs a mock up for people to edit. Robyn to be the editor.

Gillian’s Problem Corner to be added.

  1. Request for Best Practice Workshops – Tekura School , Wellington.

Does AMA want to fund a session ($300) for the Moderators to go around. Not in clusters, perhaps in Regions. Also have it on AMA Saturday.

Trial it with one area – Robyn to set it up. If it is successful, then we will run it in all areas.

Counties – 3nd August.

Food left up to the host.

  1. Mathematics Fellowship position deadline 22nd July – Alan

Closing date is the 22nd of July.

You are not a lecturer. You are a contractor. You will be lecturing Math 102/108.

Encouraged to pursue further study.

  1. AMA Scholarship deadline, 1st October 2016


  1. Any Other Business

Number and Measurement assessment together will be sent to NZAMT.

Some other cross-curricular activities/assessments will also be sent to NZAMT.

Meeting closed 6:15pm