Attachment for Idling Control Devices

Attachment for Idling Control Devices

Locomotive Idle Technology Information *

EPA Locomotive Idle Technology Verification Application

Part 2 of the Application

This application is the second part of the application for EPA verification and listing. (NOTE: While this is the last step of the application process, it is not the last step of the verification process. Simply filling out this form does NOT mean your technology is verified.)

Idle Reduction Technologies List

The term "locomotive idle reduction technology" refers to a technology that allows locomotive operators to refrain from long-duration idling of the main propulsion engine by using an alternative technology. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that idle reduction technologies generally save fuel and reduce emissions when compared to idling the main engine. To encourage locomotive operators to take advantage of these technologies, EPA has created a listing of verified SmartWay idle reduction technologies. To view this listing and find out more about the program, visit:

Please note that the verified idle reduction technology list is intended for informational purposes only. EPA does not endorse the products or services listed nor does the Agency currently rank or verify them in terms of fuel savings and emission reduction. In addition, while EPA does not certify idle reduction technologies, the Agency does certify the engines used in auxiliary power units under the requirements of 40 CFR Part 89.

How do I apply?

In order for your product(s) to be evaluated by EPA for possible inclusion on the verified idle reduction technology list you must provide the technical and performance information requested in the following tables that applicable to your technology. Please clearly specify all information in your submittal that you wish to be classified as: Confidential Business Information (CBI)

Product Type / Auxiliary
Unit / Fuel
Heater / AESS / Shore Connection Systems
Company Name / Model Name
APU only
Engine, HP, Engine Family Name / n//a / n/a / n/a
Main Components
Electrical Output/ Electric
VAC /amp
Heating of Locomotive Coolant
(Temperature Range)
* Air Pressure for Braking/
*Battery Charge
Fuel Consumption per hour during warm up and at operating temperature

*Requires notation as to whether device supplies or monitors pressure or charge

Locomotive Technology Information

1. Provide a written description of your product that includes the product name, a detailed overview of capabilities and operation.

2. Specify the installation procedures, (include schematics), any available options or additional capabilities.

3. Provide durability data, warranty language applicable to your technology.

4. Provide information on your manufacturing capability and ability to provide production units for sale.

5. Provide testing data detailing emissions and fuel consumption for technology/device during operation.

6. Indicate if your technology is certified under the USEPA locomotive certification requirements and provide the certificate number, a copy of the certificate and the paperwork filed for certification if applicable.

7. Provide information on installations that are in place or planned including the name of the railroad, a description of the locomotive and locomotive engine (mfg, series, year, and horsepower).

8. List Tier Level and Locomotive Type (switcher or line haul ) for which this application is applicable.