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Middle School Track 2008

Info Sheet

Opening Statement

We are excited your child is interested in running Track with us. Our number one goal as a coaching staff is to make sure everyone has fun. This is followed closely by our goal that everyone improves from the beginning to the end of the season. First, a quick introduction of the coaches:

Coach Geoffrey Walton – After 10 years working with upper school track, Coach Walton will be helping with the Middle School program for this year. He is excited to be coaching these 7th and 8th graders and introducing them to track and field.

Coach Katie Boehm – Coach Boehm is a current student at the University of Georgia. She is working toward her degree in Middle School education. Having run track and cross country in high school and college, she brings much excitement and experience to these athletes. Coach Boehm also helped coach cross country and track for the past two seasons.


**First Practice is Tuesday, February 19th

Middle school practice begins at 3:30 and will finish by 4:30. The team will practice Monday thru Friday. It is essential that runners attend every practice in order to improve as the season moves on. As always, academics come first. If a student attends a tutorial, he or she must hustle to practice. If there are conflicts with other activities, doctor appts., etc. please tell one of the Coaches in advance so that they can plan for that. Attending tutorials for academic help takes priority over practice.

Practice will begin and end at the Track Complex. Immediately after school, runners will be responsible for changing in the Middle School restrooms and walking to the track facility. They can leave their book bags, laptops, and athletic bags in the Track Field House. They should be picked up at the track. Please be sure to pick up your runner on time.

- Events we will be participating in will include: Shot Put, Discus, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1 Mile, 2 mile and the 100 low hurdles.

- Each athlete will be able to choose which events he or she participates in, but we will request that each person participate in at least one running event and one field event. There will be a maximum of 4 events each person can participate in per meet. Please talk with Coach Walton or Coach Pee if questions regarding this.

*** Since the weather in March and April can be unpredictable, we recommend bringing sweat pants and sweat shirts EVERY DAY along with regular running/"fielding" clothes.

Web Site

Most of this information can be found on the Athens Academy Track Web site. Included is information such as schedule, directions, results, etc.

Please feel free to contact either Geoffrey Walton or Tom Pee if you have any questions.

Geoffrey WaltonTom Pee

Middle School Head CoachVarsity Boys and Girls Head Coach

706-433-2492 (work)706-433-2444 (work)

706-354-1624 (home)540-466-0570 (home and cell)

706-255-9166 (cell)

Hints for Training

1. You need to buy a new pair of running shoes every 6 months. Only wear them when you are running. Do not wear them for cruising - this causes the support and cushioning to break down faster. It is helpful to buy running shoes from a store where the employees are also runners, so they are able to help fit shoes to the running style of each individual. Read about different styles of running shoes before you visit the store. Even though everyone wants to look stylish while running, this should be the least important factor when deciding on a shoe. If you have problems with your arches, your knees, or pronation, etc., then you should inquire into shoes that compensate for your specific problem. Contact your coaches for any advice on running shoes.

2. Don't overdo it when getting started. Run one comfortable distance for a week before gradually increasing your mileage. Do not increase your speed until you can run five miles comfortably. Remember, summer mileage is not for increasing speed, but for increasing stamina and establishing a good base for the beginning of the season.

3. Lifting weights and doing push-ups and sit-ups are helpful in increasing upper body strength and, therefore, will improve your running form and endurance (i.e. the arms do not get so tired during distance runs.)

4. Drinking plenty of water is essential for effective workouts and quick recoveries. We strongly encourage all athletes to drink water between classes and ESPECIALLY at lunch. We also advise against drinking any caffeinated or carbonated beverages during lunch since they will dehydrate a runner.