Assistant General Manager: First Contact for All Managers

Assistant General Manager: First Contact for All Managers

MapleBrook Soccer Association (MPB)

Summer Manager Checklist

Assistant General Manager: First contact for all managers

Tracy Krasnoff

(612) 834-4043

Important Dates for Summer 2016

  1. August 1 - Begins Soccer year
  2. Mid October - Manager Meeting
  3. October – Coaches and Managers register via MPB website
  4. Code of conduct is now done via the registration
  5. November 1 - Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Team Meetings
  6. November – March Club Provided Training (CPT)
  7. November
  8. Complete Background check
  9. Complete Concussion Training
  10. Schedule/Attend PACT training if new manager
  11. January - Begin tournament registration
  12. February – Interclub Transfer Deadline
  13. March - teams submitted to MYSA by Club Registrar
  14. April
  15. Online District Presentation (one coach or manager from each team must view to get schedule)
  16. MPB Spring Manager meeting to distribute passes
  17. League Games may begin
  18. June 3 – 5 MPB Tournament
  19. All MPB Teams play
  20. Key time for volunteer hours
  21. July
  22. League play ends
  23. Playoffs
  24. July 31st Submit final reimbursement requests to club accountant
  25. Tryouts for 2016

Manager Requirements

  1. Register with MPB as a Coach/Manager
  2. Found on Manager page of the MPB website
  3. Used too email managers and coaches
  4. Complete Code of Conduct
  1. A background check is done annually. The soccer year begins August 1. If you do a background check for fall soccer season then you do not have to do another one for summer soccer. The background check is paid for by MPB.
  2. MN State Law requires concussion training by all coaches and managers every three years.
  3. View video on CDC’s website
  4. Register and upload your certificate of completion on the coaches page of the club’s website
  5. All coaches and managers must attend PACT one time. You do not need to do annually.

Communication with Families

  1. Create roster – distribute to families
  2. Email Distribution list – Team roster page on team website can be used for emails. Emails will be sent only to NGIN account email addresses
  3. Cell phone text distribution list
  4. Team Website
  5. Group Me
  6. Communicate to parents your and the coaches preferred method of communication. As well as who they should contact for various items

Team Web Pages

  1. Contact Assistant General Manager if you do not have access to your team website.
  2. There is a website user manual on the manager page of the MPB website
  3. Include:
  4. Coach and team manager contact information.
  5. Roster – Edit to First or last name only with initial, especially for younger players.
  6. Game schedule – use game tab, this will flow to calendar
  7. Calendar: Use team name in all entries, Include all team events, keep current, tell parents to refresh frequently.
  8. Upload: Field directions and game schedule received from MYSA

Forms – Completed and signed by all players/parents

  1. MYSA Medical liability form
  2. Must be notarized if team is playing out of state tournament
  3. US Club Registration form if playing US Club
  4. Keep forms available in case of injury at practices or at a game. Consider keeping the original and give the coach copies.
  5. Volunteer Commitment form along with $125 deposit
  6. All forms are good for the soccer year: (Fall 2015 and Summer 2016)


  1. See Uniform page on MPB website for latest information

Equipment: (all equipment is paid out of the team fees):

  1. Team bench
  2. Team tent
  3. Game ball and four corner flag for home games.
  4. Pinnies
  5. Extra balls
  6. Medical kit
  7. Cones
  8. PUGG goals (may borrow from club—contact Chad Thomas)
  9. Ice pack
  10. Talk to coach/prior year teams about what they have to use. Remainder of items will be purchased with team fees.

Game and Practice Schedule and Field Directions:

  1. Send out both game and practice schedule to players’ families, and post on team website. Practice schedule is determined by coach
  2. Include Age Group Training on practice schedule/website
  3. Send out field location to players’ families, and post on team website

Bring to Games

  1. Passes
  2. Competitive Match Report, with stamped self addressed envelope for home games.
  3. 4 corner flags (home games)
  4. Ejected Participant form (pink card)
  5. First aid kit
  6. Emergency contact information
  7. Medical liability forms
  8. Discuss with coach who is responsible for bringing items

Player/Coaches Passes – No PASS NO PLAY

  1. Online background check, MapleBrook Coaching Staff Code of Conduct, and CDC Concussion Training must be completed for team manager(s) and coaches.
  2. Player and coach passes are submitted to MYSA by the club’s registrar and then are printed by MYSA. Passes are picked up from MYSA by the registrar or designated person. Passes are then distributed to team managers by the club’s registrar. The bulk of passes are distributed in April at manager meeting. Club registrar must be notified if passes are needed for an early tournament. (Allow two weeks for passes once background check has been completed
  3. Age verification, for players who are new to MPB: done by the Registrar or a Board member (the player’s legal name and birth date must be confirmed with the original birth certificate).
  4. 1” x 1” photo of every player, coach and manager needed for passes.
  5. Signature of every player, manager and coach on the back of their pass.
  6. Laminate each pass. The team budget (supplies) pay for the lamination. 3” x 4” self sealing photo laminating pouches work great - available at Target, Walmart, and office supply stores
  7. Place all passes in alphabetical order (by last names) on a ring. Players then Coaches and Managers

Game Reporting / Game Form

  1. Competitive Match Report
  2. PDF form is available on both the MBSA and MYSA website.
  3. Give to center ref prior to start of each game.
  4. Self addressed, stamped envelope for home game given to center referee. Labels for envelopes are given at the mandatory coaches meeting held by MYSA.
  5. Report game score of both home and away games. This is done online on MYSA’s website using username and password given at the mandatory coaches meeting.

Game rescheduling:

  1. Instructions on how to reschedule home games are on the club’s website on the “team managers” page. You must provide three dates for rescheduling.
  2. Once the away team accepts the new date and field, MBSA Coach/Manager must go to MYSA’s website to complete the online reschedule form. You will need your MYSA online username and password that are given in your team packet at the mandatory coaches meeting.
  3. If you are the away team you will need to accept the rescheduled time online from the home team using your MYSA online username and password.


  1. If the City of Maple Grove closes a field due to weather, information is found on the club’s website under “Fields & Weather” and then under “Weather Status.” Link is: or call 763-494-5959 after 4:00 PM.
  2. If game is not cancelled by the city or you are not notified for an away game by the opposing team, players must go to the field. The center ref, at the field, will determine and game cancellations/postponements.


  1. Create team budget with the coach
  2. Use Budget Form on Club Website
  3. Submit budget to Assistant General Manager by October 20, 2014


  1. Team/Coach determines how many and which tournaments
  2. has a tool to help you search for tournaments and get information on each tournament (contacts, cost, dates, etc.)
  3. Register and pay for tournaments beginning in January (earlier for older high level teams)
  4. Send game schedule and directions for tournament.
  5. Do tournament check-in for the team

End of season party and gifts: Optional

  1. End of season gifts: Coaches and/or players – discuss with all parents
  2. Organize end of the season party – this can be delegated.

Manager Resources:

MapleBrook Soccer Association Website:

MapleBrook Team Manager Webpage

MapleBrook Forms/Documents Tab on MBSA Website

MYSA Website