Assignments MISY 3310

Assignments – MISY 3310

Each assignment must be submitted through Blackboard before the beginning of class on the day that we are covering the chapter.

-Ch. 1 – Comparing Information Sources – Use two online job search sites (such as to search for jobs in your career that you are interested in. Copy two job descriptions from one website and one job description from a different website and paste them into your homework. Indicate from which website you obtained each job description. Then describe the usefulness, ease of use, availability of jobs, and features of both websites that you used.

-Ch. 2 – p. 74 Analysis Exercise #3

-Ch. 3 – – Go to two company websites that allow you to customize and then purchase computers (such as and Choose and customize a high end laptop computer from each of the two websites. Then, for this homework, copy and paste the specifications you selected and the prices for each of the two computers. Then write several paragraphs identifying which of the two computers you would prefer and describe why you would select that computer addressing things such as storage, memory, screen size, processor, etc..

-Ch. 4 – Create a webpage using,, or some other webhosting company. In order to receive credit for this, you will need to include the following on the webpage you created: 1) Your name; 2) MISY 3310; 3) a picture of a travel destination you would like to go to; 4) a couple sentences describing the travel destination and why you’d want to go there. You will need to put the website link into a Word document, then submit this document containing the link to Blackboard.

-Ch. 5 – p. 187-188 Case (answer the three case study questions)

-Ch. 6 – p. 278 Discussion Questions #4, 6

-Ch. 7 – Find a web log (blog) about your intended career. Write three paragraphs about your findings by reading at least one blog written by someone who works in your chosen field.

-Ch. 8 – Find an article that describes technology in your career field. Write 3 paragraphs summarizing the article and then cite the source of the article.

-Ch. 9 – p. 401 Discussion Question 5

-Ch. 10 – p. 466-467 Analysis Exercise 2a – paste a screen shot of a portal that you set up and customize into your homework (if you’re using Windows, click on the “Print Screen” button to copy your screen, then you can paste it into your document). You must set up an account and customize your portal, not just have a print screen of a generic portal. NOTE: The Google portal does not work any longer, so you’ll need to choose a different company.

-Ch. 11 – p. 508 Discussion Questions 4 and 10

-Ch. 12 – p. 558 Discussion Questions #1, 7

-Ch. 13 – p. 617-618 Analysis exercise #2

-Ch. 14 – p. 662 Disc. Qu. #4, 7