Appendicular Skeleton Test Review

Appendicular Skeleton Test Review

Appendicular skeleton Test Review

  1. Which bones are included in the appendicular skeleton? Appendages (limbs) and the girdles; shoulder girdle & pelvic girdle
  2. The shoulder girdle consists two bones: the __Clavicle___ and the __Scapula_____. Only the _Clavicle______is actually connected (bone to bone) to the axial skeleton, at the sternum. The ___Clavicle__ is also commonly called the “collar bone” . (p.214)
  3. What part of the scapula is considered the shoulder socket?..(where the head of humerus articulates w/scapula) Glenoid Cavity (see diagrams in book)

Draw Shoulder Girdle and label parts: See diagram in Book

  1. What is the upper arm bone? Humerus. What is the name of the medial forearm bone? Ulna. Lateral forearm bone? Radius P.216,p.219
  2. What is the purpose of a tuberosity on a bone?(p.172) What is attached to the deltoid tuberosity? Site of attachement for muscles/ligaments, Deltoid Tuberosity = site for deltoid muscle attachment on Humerus bone.(p.217)
  3. Bones of the wrist are called __Carpals____. Bones of the palm of the hand are called ___Metacarpals___. Fingers or digits are called __Phalanges______. (p219-220)
  4. The pelvic girdle is formed by a pair of hip bones, also called _Coxal__ bones. In adults, each Coxal (hip) bone is formed by the fusion of 3 seperate bones: the _ilium__, _ischium__, and the _pubis____. p.220 Both coxal (hip)bones are joined anteriorly (in front) at the pubis bones by the _pubic symphysis___. p.222
  5. Use the following terms to label the above diagram: ilium, ischium, pubis, pubic symphysis, sacrum, coccyx, sacroiliac joint, pubic arch, iliac crest, sciatic notch, true pelvis, false pelvis, Acetabulum See figure 5.23, p. 142 of text book at home! Otherwise fig. 7.25, p. 221-classcopy)
  1. List 3 functions of the pelvic girdle: Site of attach. For lower limbs, Transmit weight of upper torso to legs, protect organs of pelvis (reproductive organs,ect) p. 220
  2. Describe at 3 differences of Male vs. Female pelvic structure? Table 7.3, p. 223

Female has wider pubic arch, Female pelvic cavity is larger & rounder, “Wings” of illium is wider in female

  1. Use the choices to compare the pelvic vs. shoulder girdles:

A. Flexible D. Shallow socket

B. Massive E. Deep, secure socket

C. Lightweight F. Weight-bearing

Shoulder girdle: _A__ _C _D__ Pelvic girdle: _B_ _E__ _F___

  1. The largest and longest bone is the __FEMUR_____ or thigh bone. p. 222
  2. The anatomical term for the knee cap is __Patella______. p. 224
  3. The _Tibia___ is also called the shin bone and is the medial (toward midline/middle) bone of lower leg. The _fibula_ is the lateral (to the side/on outside) bone of the lower leg. p.225
  4. Bones of the ankle are called _Tarsals____. The largest tarsal bone is the heel bone which is called the __Calcaneus_____. Bones forming the sole of the foot are _Metatarsals___. Toes or digits are called __Phalanges____ and can refer to the digits of the hand or foot. p.226

Extra Credit: Name the deep socket of the pelvic bone? __Acetabulum______.

Without a book reference, Label as many bones possible on the Skeleton.

Then, Check your answers and complete/correct any needed. P.125, fig. 5.6 of Book at Home!