Apologia Zoology 2: Lesson 3 Test

Apologia Zoology 2: Lesson 3 Test

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Apologia Zoology 2: Lesson 3 Test

1. The word Pinnipedia means ______.

2. How are pinnipeds like cetaceans?


3. What do pinnipeds usually eat?




4. What are two things pinnipeds have in common with dogs?

5. The pinniped’s teeth are typically used to:

a)chew food

b)tear up food

c)hold prey

d)kill prey

______6. rookerya. an animal no longer needs to get milk from its mother

______7. weanedb. place where seals and walruses go to mate

______8. haul outc. when pinnipeds get onto land

For the following statements, put the letter T if it refers to True Seals, SL if it refers to Sea Lions, or FS if it refers to Fur Seals .

_____9. Are excellent divers

_____ 10. Have rough, short fur

_____ 11. Have a rounded snout

_____ 12. Only have ear holes, no outside ear flaps

_____ 13. The males can have thicker fur around their face and neck

_____ 14. Can only flop along on land

_____ 15. Were hunted and made into coats, especially in the 1700s and 1800s

16. How big can walruses get?

  1. More than 1,000 lbs
  2. More than 2,000 lbs
  3. More than 3,000 lbs
  4. More than 5,000 lbs

17. Walruses have a feature that they share with what other creature?

  1. sperm whale
  2. sea lion
  3. manatee
  4. narwhal

18. Which of these is not a way walruses use their tusks?

  1. dig in the sand to find food
  2. use them to haul out
  3. to fend off polar bears
  4. to tear apart their food

19. Unlike other animals, walruses have ______that allow them

to float. These are located in their ______.

For the following statements, put the letter D if it refers to Dugongs or M if it refers to Manatees.

_____ 20. Have rounded tails

_____ 21. Prefer salt water

_____ 22. Have sanctuaries set up for them

_____ 23. Probably seen by Columbus

_____ 24. Found near Asia, Africa, and Australia

_____ 25. Males can have tusks

26. ______are the biggest threat to manatees.

True or False – Write T for true and F for false for the following statements

______27. Walruses have long whiskers.

______28. Pinnipeds need to eat their prey head-first.

______29.Male pinnipeds are called cows.

______30. A male doesn’t leave a rookery the whole time during breeding season.

______31.When a walrus is very cold it turns pink.

______32.Female pinnipeds are almost always pregnant.

______33.Manatees chew so many fish their teeth fall out and they grow new ones.

______34. Fur seals and sea lions have flippers that are more than 1/3 their body length.

______35.Polar bears, sharks, and blue whales like to eat pinnipeds.

______36.Dugongs give kisses when they see other dugongs.