Panel confidentiality agreement



ANUTheAustralian National University ABN52 234 063 906 an educational and research institute and bodycorporatepursuant to the Australian National University Act 1991 (Cth)of Acton in the Australian Capital Territory 2601

Panelist <panel title and full name>

ProjectSchool Review of the ANU <School>


ATheparties wishto havediscussionsinrelationtotheProject.

BIn thecourseof thosediscussions theremay bedisclosureof Confidential Information and Personal Information.

CANUmay beprejudicedby anyunauthoriseduseordisclosureoftheConfidential or Personal Information andmaysufferlossordamageas a resultofunauthoriseddisclosureorunauthorised useof the Personal or Confidential Information.


  1. Definitionsandinterpretation


In this agreement:

Approved Purpose meansthePanelist evaluating theConfidential or PersonalInformation made available in the Self Evaluation Documents, other provided documents, submissions, and meetings during the review process.

Confidential Information meanstheterms of this agreementandanyinformation:

a)relating tothedealingsofANU;

b)relating toemployees, contractors,studentsorotherpersonsdoingbusinesswithANU;

c)which isbyitsnatureconfidential;

d)which isdesignatedas confidentialbyANU;or

e)whichthePanelist knowsoroughttoknowis confidential,

irrespectiveofwhetherthatinformationwasdisclosedbefore,on,orafterthe dateof thisagreement,andincludesallinformationrelating to the Project.

Personal Information means information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, whether the information or opinion is true or not, and whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not.


In this agreement:

a)noruleof constructionapplies tothedisadvantageoftheparty that drafts thisagreement onthebasis that theparty suggestedtherelevantdrafting;

b)references to apartymeanANUorthePanelistandreferences tothepartiesmean bothANUandthePanelist;and

c)wordssuchas“includes”and“including”donotimposeany limitationontheconstructionofgenerallanguagethatis followedby specific examples.

  1. Confidentiality

a)ThePanelist must:

  1. keepthe Personal andConfidential Informationconfidential;
  2. keepthe Personal andConfidential Informationsecure;
  3. notuseorcopythe Personal and Confidential Informationforany purposeotherthanthe ApprovedPurpose;
  4. notapply forregistrationofany patentoranyotherformof statutory protectionwithrespect totheConfidential Information;
  5. onlyallowaccess totheConfidentialInformationto theemployeesanddirectors of thePanelistwhohave a need to knowtheConfidentialInformationfortheApprovedPurposeandwho areboundby obligations of confidence tothePanelist to atleast thestandardcontemplatedbythis agreement;
  6. notdisclosetheConfidential Informationto anythirdparty; and
  7. notusetheConfidential Information tothedisadvantageof ANU.

b)The Panelist may disclose the Personal or Confidential Information to third parties only with the prior written consent of ANU.

c)If the Panelist discloses Personal or Confidential Information in accordance with clause 2(b) then the Panelist must ensure that the relevant third party complies with the requirements of clause 2(a).

d)The Panelist acknowledges the ANU has obligations with respect to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Panelist agrees to also adhere to those obligations where the ANU discloses Personal Information to them.

  1. Exceptions

Theobligationsof confidencecontemplatedbyclause2donotapply to Confidential Information:

a)that the Panelist can show was already known to, in the rightful possession of, or independently developed by the Panelist in good faith and free of any obligation of confidence;

b)thePanelist canshowisinthepublicdomainotherwisethanby a breachof thisagreementorotherobligationofconfidence;or

c)thatis required to bedisclosedunderapplicable law,butonly if thePanelist has givenANUallavailablenoticetoenableANU toattempt toremovethatrequirement andonlydiscloses theminimuminformationrequired.

  1. Obligationtodisclosebreachesof confidence

If thePanelist suspectsorbecomesawarethat:

a)the Panelist has breached this agreement or any other obligation of confidence owed by the Panelist to ANU; or

b)any third party has breached any obligation of confidence owed by that third party to ANU,

withrespect tothe Personal or Confidential Information, thenthePanelistmustimmediately notify ANUandtakeallsteps requiredby ANUin connectionwiththat breachof confidence.

  1. Term

a)This agreement commences on the date of entry into this agreement and continues until terminated by ANU.

b)If the Panelist breaches this agreement ANU may terminate this agreement by notice in writing to the Panelist.

c)This Agreement may be terminated by either party at any time upon giving the other party fourteen (14) days written notice.

d)Onterminationof this agreement:

  1. accrued rights or remedies of a party are not affected; and
  2. the Panelist must destroy or deliver to ANU any Personal or Confidential Information that was made available to the Panelist and copies of that Personal or Confidential Information, at the discretion of ANU.

e)Termination of this agreement will not affect any provisions of this agreement that is intended to come into force or continue after the termination including clauses 2 and 4.

  1. Earlierreturn

ANUmay at anytimeby notice inwriting tothePanelistrequirethereturnof the Personal or ConfidentialInformationandanycopiesof that Personal or Confidential Information toANUandthePanelistmust comply withsucha noticewithin14days.

  1. Injunctiverelief


a)if the Panelist breaches this agreement then ANU may suffer loss or damage as a result of that breach for which monetary remedies would not be adequate; and

b)if thePanelistattemptsto breachorthreatens tobreachthisagreement, ANUmayseekinjunctivereliefincludinganinjunctionrestrainingthePanelist fromcommittinganybreachof thisagreementwithout thenecessityofprovingthat any actuallossordamagehasbeensustainedoris likelyto besustainedbyANU.

  1. General


This agreementdoesnotcreate arelationshipbetweenthepartiesof trust, agency,partnershiporemployment.


This agreement:

a)contains theentireagreementof theparties;and

b)supersedes all priorrepresentations, conductandagreements,


Unlessotherwiseexpressly contemplated, where a provisionofthis agreement contemplates thatANUmay exerciseitsdiscretionthenANUis entitledto exercisethat discretionabsolutely, withorwithout conditionsandwithout beingrequired to actreasonably orgivereasons.


Aright underthisagreement mayonly bewaivedby a party inwriting to theextentexpresslysetoutinthat waiver.


To theextent that any portionof thisagreementisvoidorotherwiseunenforceablethenthat portionwillbeseveredandthis agreementwillbeconstruedasif theseverableportionhadneverexisted.



SIGNED for and on behalf of:

The Australian National University

by its duly authorised officer::


Richelle Hilton

Director Planning and Performance Measurement


SIGNED for and on behalf of:

The Panelist:





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