Annual Report of the Trustees to the Members

Annual Report of the Trustees to the Members


Registered Charity No 1015425


In 2015 the UCA, in accordance with its Constitution (adopted in 2004), pursued its objects:

To advance the Christian and other charitable work of the Church of Uganda and, supplementary to this, to advance the Christian and other charitable work of other churches and organisations within Uganda and to further the same purposes amongst Ugandans in the United Kingdom.

The annual reunion, attended by about 65 people, took place at St John’s Church, Waterloo, on Saturday 11th April 2015. Revd Michael Hunter spoke about Challenges and Opportunities in Uganda Today and Sue Craig spoke about the plans for the Uganda Networks website to be launched later in the year. A variety of others present shared news and information. In addition to worship, the meeting received reports from the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. Elections for these offices were held. The UCA Annual Newsletter was published in the spring.

The Committee met three times in the course of the year. Grants had supported further courses for School Chaplains and the production of a Chaplain’s Handbook. The support of students at Uganda Christian University had continued. A grant had enabled the holding of a conference for the clergy of Luweero Diocese and a 3 year grant (starting in 2016) had been agreed for a doctoral student at Ridley Hall. The Uganda Networks website had been launched and interest in it was developing. Following the guidelines of the Charity Commission, the Committee has ensured that our activities have been both 'beneficial' and that they have benefited a 'sufficient section of the public'.

The Trustees and Officers of the Uganda Church Association, who are elected at the AGM, were at the end of the year:

Revd Amos Kasibante [Chairperson]

Mr Charles Woodd [Treasurer & Membership Secretary]

Revd Dr Michael Hunter [Secretary]

Michael Hunter, Honorary Secretary - on behalf of the Trustees February 2016

Report from the Hon Treasurer and Membership Secretary to 2016 AGM

The Accounts for 2015

This has been a good year financially, thanks to the generosity of our members and supporters. Our general income from members (including a Gift Aid claim received just after the end of the year) increased by 32% over 2014, thanks particularly to a donation of £1,500 to match the commitment the Committee had made to the Ridley Hall Scholarship Fund (see below). We also received grants totalling £9,165 from Uganda Development Services, the A S Charitable Trust, and the Church Mission Society, specifically to support the development and operation of the Uganda Networks website. On the expenditure side, general expenditure was again similar to the previous year, although a change of printers for the Newsletter produced a significant reduction in cost.

Because of the increased activity taking place within Restricted Funds received to support Uganda Networks, the attached accounts for 2015 are a bit more complicated than previous years’. I hope nevertheless they are understandable, but I will be very happy to answer questions at the AGM.

In line with current policy, we have made three grants from our general funds this year, in support of ministry training. We contributed £1,320 towards two further training courses for chaplains organised by the Church of Uganda’s Provincial Co-ordinator for children’s ministry, the Rev Richard Rukundo, and £2,225 was allocated to our continuing support for ordinands at Uganda Christian University at Mukono. In addition we were able to make a grant of just over £500 towards the costs of a Clergy Retreat in Luweero Diocese. The Committee were also able to commit £1,500 a year for three years towards a Scholarship Fund at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, the first payment of which has been made in early 2016, alongside the additional £1,500 donated by a UCA member. The first recipient of the Fund will be the Rev Kenneth Karyaija, from Kampala Diocese, who will be studying for a Professional Doctorate. He will focus on developing Christian leadership in Uganda through greater use of pastoral mentorship in Ugandan Universities.

This year has also seen the work funded by the Jerusalem Trust coming to fruition for the establishment of an Information and Resource Centre at Namirembe Cathedral. The Centre was formally opened during the Cathedral’s Centenary Celebrations in November. This year also saw the launching of the Uganda Networks website, which UCA has sponsored in partnership with a number of other charities. Careful control of costs has meant that we ended the year with sufficient restricted funds to operate the website for some months into 2016. We still need to raise additional funding, to supplement the income generated from members and users, if the site is to be able to move to self-sufficiency over the next two to three years, but I am glad to say that since the start of the financial year, we have heard positive news on that front which I will report to the AGM.

I would like once again to express our thanks to Chris Dragonetti, former Salisbury Diocesan Accountant, who took on the role of Independent Examiner in 2014, and has once again examined our accounts for 2015. .


Membership of UCA remains at just over 200, including 7 corporate members. The Committee continues to appreciate very much the generous way in which members support the Association, particularly where this is done through a standing order or other regular bank payment. I have also appreciated the way members have notified me of changes of postal and/or email address - please continue to remember to do so as it enables us to keep in touch with you more effectively.

Charles Woodd

Hon Treasurer and Membership Secretary