Animal Science M.S. Certification Form

Animal Science M.S. Certification Form

Animal Science M.S. Certification Form

Students should note that verification of the requirements being met occurs at one major point: request for the final exam. It is the responsibility of the student and major professor to routinely monitor progress to ensure that requirements are being met. Students should meet with their committee once per year. It is highly recommended that the student keep a copy of this form and review it each semester to avoid unpleasant surprises later.


First Year of Study

1.Approval of coursework. The student should meet with the major professor and examination committee to identify critical courses for the student. This should be done within the first year of study.

2.File M.S. Certification form with the Student Services Coordinator. This form establishes how the student will meet the minimum requirements for the MS and is used to identify deficiencies. This form is to be filled out with your major professor within the first year of study.

3.Select an examination committee. This also should be done within the first year.

*Failure to complete these three steps by the end of the first year will result in a hold on subsequent registrations.

Coursework and Research Nearing Completion

1.Students are expected to present an exit departmental seminar in the Fall semester prior to their graduation.

2.Schedule MS examination by consultation with advisor and committee members. This is typically done after degree requirements have been met and thesis has been completed (if thesis option).

3.File a Master’s Degree Warrant Request with the Student Services Coordinator one month prior to exam. After checking that requirements have been met, the Department then requests warrant from graduate school. If approved, the Graduate School issues a Warrant, which serves as the official record of the exam results.

4.Complete committee and mentor changes to thesis. Committee members may require changes before signing thesis; they may sign after the exam.

5.Signed warrant is then returned to the department to be sent up to the Graduate School.

Certification for M.S. in Animal Science

Plan of Study

Name of Student:
Degree (Check One) / □ Course
□ Research

List Proposed Graduate Courses

Courses listed in this section must be used to meet the student’s 30 credit load requirement and any Departmental Focus Area requirements. Any additional courses need not be listed, but the student is strongly advised to consult with his/her advisor regarding additional coursework.

Additional courses may be listed; if listed they become part of the Certification document and must be taken or approval to revise the certification has to be requested from the Academic Sub Committee.

Course / Description / Credits / Completed

Animal Science M.S. Certification Form

Student / Date
Print Name:
Major Professor / Date
Print Name:
Approval Signature:
Committee Members / Date
Print Name:
Approval Signature:
Print Name:
Approval Signature
Chair, Animal Sciences Graduate Committee / Date
Print Name:
Approval Signature:

Two faculty members within the Animal Sciences department and one faculty member outside the department.

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