Animal Research Writing Project

Animal Research Writing Project

Animal Research Writing Project SNOW GOOSE SAMPLE ONLY

NameMrs. Hudson

Start DateJanuary 1, 2020End DateJanuary 31, 2020

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences. Each question is worth 5 points. Any question that is not answered in complete sentences will not receive full credit. Please make sure you are reading the information on your species carefully. Use your own words (no plagiarism) and trust your own brain. Also, use the examples given to you on the snow goose. Happy Learning 

Species:Anser caerulescens

Animal: (snow goose)

1. What kind of habitat does the species live?

The snow goose lives in different places like wetlands and mountains, but mostly in low areas that are thick with grass.

2. What are some of the physical features of the species?

The snow goose is a funny color of white when it is young and has red feet and legs. When they grow up they become white like snow and have black color on the edge of their wings. They are about the size of a small dog at around 80 cm tall. Some of them are darker. Some of them have a lot of white. They have very strong bills to help them eat.

3. What are some of the behaviors of the species?

The snow goose migrates every year from the north to the south near Mexico. A group of snow geese is called a brood. They squawk loudly. The female snow goose raises the babies and the male snow goose protects the home.

4. What is the niche of the species?

The snow goose can live in many different places such as the grasslands, wetlands, and mountain areas. They are herbivores.

5. Are there any majorpredators other than humans to the species?

The fox and some large birds are threats to the snow goose.

6. Is the species threatened by humans?

There are many snow geese and they are not endangered. They are hunted by humans to help keep the population down because they eat crops.

7. How would the species relate to the other characters that were seen in the film, if they were really living in the same habitat?

The eggs of the snow goose would have been eaten by the fox (Robin Hood) if they were living in the same habitat. The snake would also eat the eggs as well.