Ancient China: Three Philosophies Information Pamphlet

Ancient China: Three Philosophies Information Pamphlet

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Ancient China: Three Philosophies Information Pamphlet


In order to understand the culture of Ancient China we have to look into how their people and leaders were influenced. In order to do that, we will research the philosophies of China and explain how those philosophies can be applied to your life here at FMS.

You will create a brochure on the three Philosophies of Ancient China: Confucianism, Daoism and Legalism.

You must have the name of the philosophies’ founder and an illustration depicting each philosophy. It must also include the key beliefs of each philosophy and how the philosophy would run FMS.

Make sure your poster is neat, colorful and it follows the rubric.


___Philosophers Name

___Key Beliefs of Philosophy

___How the philosophy can be used in the modern world.


Chinese Philosophies Brochure: Grading Rubric

Category / 10- Exceeding Expectations / 8- Meeting Expectations / 6- Approaching Expectations / 4- Needs Improvement
Overall Requirements / All requirements are complete and to the fullest extent. Makes an effort to complete more than necessary for the assignment. / All requirements are present and developed. / Most requirements are met or lacking details. 1-2 of the requirements are missing. / Some requirements are met and/or lacking details. 3 or more of the requirements are missing.
Content/Accuracy / Student uses many of the provided sources. / Student uses some of the provided sources. / Student only uses one of the provided sources. / Student shows no evidence of using any of the provided sources.
Level of Detail / Students gives a tremendous amount of detail in their writing. / Student is detailed in their writing. / Student gives some detail in their writing, but it is inconsistent. / Students gives little to no detail in their writing.
Organization/Spelling and Grammar / FInal project is neatly organized, and there are no spelling and/or grammar mistakes. / Final product is organized and there are 1-2 spelling/grammar mistakes. / Final product is somewhat organized and there are 3 or more spelling/grammar mistakes. / Final project is not organized and there are several spelling and/or grammar mistakes.
Overall Effort and Creativity / Project is creatively designed and shows tremendous effort. / Project shows creativity and adequate effort. / Project shows some signs of creativity and effort, but it is inconsistent. / Project does not possess any signs of creative design or effort.
Use of Class Time / Student was focused and on-task at all times during class. / Student was focused and on-task for the majority of class. / Student was sometimes focused and on-task during class. / Student was rarely focused or on-task during class.