An Exploring Adventure!

An Exploring Adventure!

Handbell Discovery 2016

An ExploRing Adventure!

October 15th-16th 2016

Sherwood Park, AB

You are invited to experience an exciting weekend travelling

through the world of handbell ringing (and beyond!) during

Handbell Discovery 2016: An ExploRing Adventure!

Please note: you must be a member of ALGEHR to participate. (Memberships and further information available at

Registration Fees / Early Bird: / After Sept. 30:
Adult: / Includes Saturday workshops, lunch, final concert, and trade show. / $60 / $75
Youth: / Includes Saturday morning snack. / $15 / $20
Friday Evening Workshops: / $15 / $20
Without ALGEHR membership: / $30 / $35
Additional Concert Tickets
Evening Final Concert / # ___ @ $10 Each: $___
(if not already a member)
1 year - Regular / $30
2 year - Regular / $50
Ringer (individual must be affiliated with a Regular member) / $10 / each / $

Donation to ALGEHR: $____

(Tax receipt will be issued to Registrant's address)

Total: $____

(via PayPal at or check payable to ALGEHR)

I am a Bell Orphan (individual registrant). My preferred ringing position is: (Please indicate 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices.)
#1: C-D4 _____ / #2: E-F4 _____ / #3: G-A4 _____ / #4: B4-C5 _____ / #5: D-E5 _____
#6: F-G5 _____ / #7: A-B5 _____ / #8: C5-D6 _____ / #9: E-F6 _____ / #10: G-A6 _____ / #11: B6-C7 _____
Please print, scan and return completed form to
or mail to:
Discovery 2016, 5616-188A Street NW, Edmonton, AB, T6M 2G7


Friday Oct. 14 (optional):

6pm: Registration - Check-in

7pm: pre-Discovery Session 1

8pm: pre-Discovery Session 2

Saturday Oct. 15:

8:15am: Registration - Check-In

9:00am: Session 1

10:15am: Break

10:30am: Session 2

11:45am: Lunch (from Subway, please fill out from on last page) and ALGEHR AGM -Safety Meeting

1:00pm: Session 3

2:15pm: Break

2:30pm: Session 4 Free time/Ensemble rehearsals/Dinner(on own)

6:30pm: Concert Prep - Boarding Time

7:00pm: Concert - In-Flight Entertainment

Please indicate your 1st and 2nd choices for each session (Youth, check the Jr. Pilot Training session) :

Friday pre-Discovery (optional):

Session A:

In the Cockpit

Small Craft Training

Session B:

In the Cockpit

Small Craft Training


Session 1:

Flying in Formation (Massed Ringing)*

Flight Crew Training

Day Trip: Japan

Jr. Pilot Training (Youth Session)

Session 2:

Surviving Turbulence

Precision Flying

Day Trip: Japan

Jr. Pilot Training (Youth Session continued)

Session 3:

Ground School

Flight Plans

Day Trip: Scotland

Discovering New Lands

Session 4:

Flying in Formation (Massed Ringing Continued)*

Flight Crew Training

Day Trip: Scotland

Travel in Comfort

*Note: Massed Ringing is a two-session workshop. Please sign up in both session 1 and 4.

Please print, scan and return completed form to
or mail to:
Discovery 2016, 5616-188A Street NW, Edmonton, AB, T6M 2G7

Workshop Descriptions

Friday pre-Discovery:

In the Cockpit: (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)

Improve on your conducting skills to confidently guide the "aircraft"

Small Craft Training: (Intermediate/Advanced)

Every wonder how 4 people can play all those bells? Now's your chance to learn Ensemble Ringing and possibly perform during Saturday's concert.


Jr. Pilot Training: (Youth Track, Grades 5-8)

Spend an exciting morning working with other youth who share your love of handbell ringing. This will include a focus on composition with youth creating a processional as well as handbells and handchimes in conjunction with poetry and stories. Beginning bell techniques will also be taught.

Day Trip: Japan: (General)

Try your hand at another percussive instrument by Taiko Drumming with drummers from the group Booming Tree Taiko.

Day Trip: Scotland: (General)

Travel to the Highlands of Scotland where you will learn and experience Scotland Dancing.

DiscoveRING New Lands (Music Levels 1-3+)

Explore and ring music available from Handbells Etc.

Flight Crew Training: (Beginner)

New to the world of handbells? Then this one's for you! Warning: this workshop may lead to a new and addictive hobby.

Flight Plans: (General Interest)

Find out how to be extra prepared when you get to rehearsal, and discover what those ever-present pencils are for in this workshop on score preparation for directors and ringers.

Flying in Formation: (Music levels 2+ and 3)

These are the Massed Ringing sessions under the baton of conductor and musician extraordinaire Stuart Sladden. *Music to be purchased ahead of time from Handbells Etc.

Ground School: (General Interest)

Learn how to incorporate bells in school to a wide range of grade levels.

Precision Flying: (General Interest)

Navigate those tricky rhythms (which are always just after the page turn) in this workshop on Rhythm and Rhythmic Games.

Surviving Turbulence: (General Interest)

Turned two pages at once? Picked up the wrong bell? Yes, we've all been there. Don't miss a beat in this workshop on recoveRING from train-wrecks and other disasters.

Travel in Comfort: (General Interest)

Keep those muscles healthy and mobile throughout your bell ringing career.

Learn pre-rehearsal warm-up techniques to help avoid injury and keep ringing in comfort.

Basic Order Form

Full Name: ______

Please check below what you would like for lunch:

6” Sub (choose 1) / Bread
(choose 1)
Veggie / White
Ham / 9 Grain

All sandwiches come with white cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayo. Cucumbers will be added to the veggie sandwiches.

Cookies or Chips
(choose 1) / Beverage
(choose 1)
Chocolate Chunk / Original Lays / Apple or Orange Juice
M & M / Doritos / Brisk Iced Tea
Cheddar Sun Chips / Bottled Water