Alhumdulillah Have Been Leading 4 Prayers Every Day, (Zuhr,Asr,Maghrib,Isha)

Alhumdulillah Have Been Leading 4 Prayers Every Day, (Zuhr,Asr,Maghrib,Isha)

Imam report 2016

Alhumdulillah have been leading 4 prayers every day, (zuhr,Asr,Maghrib,isha).

Friday prayer with khutbah, different topic every week.

Every Monday night Tafseerwhich has been very successful Alhamdulillah, a lot of people joining.

Tuesday night brother’s tajweed after isha prayer.

Thursday night zikr gathering which has been very successful since we started Alhamdulillah.

Friday night brothers circle going very good Alhamdulillah, rotating with the brothers.

Saturday children's class from 11:45am-1:15pm.

After that zuhr prayer.

After that Sisters talk from 2:10-2:30.

Then Sisters tajweed class which I have been teaching since Ramadan, Alhamdulillah it has been very powerful and Sisters have improved so much Masha Allah, approximately 12-15 Sisters attend.

Timing of class is from 2:30-3:15 on Saturday.

After Sisters class on Saturday I have children's class, from 3:15- 4:30pm.

From 4:30pm-5:45pm I started girls youth club where they do Islamic arts and play Islamic games, it has been very successful Alhamdulillah.

Sunday children's class from 11:45am-1:15pm, same as Saturday.

Then after Asr from 2:15- 3:30pm boys youth club in which we play football or badminton.

Saturday evening we do brothers itikaf where few brothers stay over the night and do ibadah, I myself stay over with the brothers Alhamdulillah.

Children's class through out the week.

Tuesday: from 4:30-7:45pm.

Different groups of children come and go

.And Tuesday after isha class with brothers.

Wednesday: from 4:00- 7:45pm again different groups of children come different times.

Thursday the same and Friday.

At this moment there is about 53 children I am teaching Alhamdulillah

We have classes every day except for Monday.

What I have written is only the what I do inside the masjid.

Then we have school.

I have been attending Milburn high school for more than a year now going twice every month.

I have attended ding wall primary school to do 3 classes.

We attended Drummond school to hand out certificate.

We attended rotary club, interfaith meeting...more coming up.

I have full registration for children's classes.

I do register every day.

I am making a planner Insha Allah for children's classes to record there progress.

I have do few different things, different types of activity to make it easier for then to learn with young children from the age of 6-8.

I have done few nikah.

Last year me and imam Vali went to went the university and requested for a prayer room, Alhamdulillah they have given a prayer room now.

Imam Ibraheem Inverness masjid