AGC Journal 2013 - Guidelines for Articles

AGC Journal 2013 - Guidelines for Articles

AGC Journal 2013 - Guidelines for Articles


  1. The 2013 AGC Journal has 176 pages and will be published in November 2013.
  1. Please read and use the specimen article template which provides a suitable structure for all types of stories.


  1. You must not write about anything that could be useful to an enemy or organisations that are hostile to the UK. Articles about your unit on operations or training for operations must be cleared by the senior AGC member of your unit and by your Brigade staff before submission to the Editor for publication.

Article Text

  1. Articles must be between 550 and 600 words for a one page article and between 1,100 and 1,200 words for a two page article. All articles must be accompanied by at least three photographs per page of text. We cannot accept articles about events in 2012.
  1. All articles must be written in Word 2003 or 2007. Word document files are to be named using a short article name and not ‘journal’ or something equally non identifiable. For a story called ‘Sailing’ the Word document must be named Sailing.doc to allow easy identification.


  1. All articles must be accompanied with digital pictures. An image of the author of the article should be included. Images must be in jpeg or tiff format and must not be embedded in the document. Images must be high resolution and must not be reduced in size. Articles without images will not be used. We do not accept hard copy photographs. Photos must have been taken during 2013.
  1. Each jpeg file is to be named using the Word document file name plus a number, e.g. sailing1.jpg. This helps to keep the word files and pictures together. All pictures are to be listed at the end of the article with the name of the jpeg file and the caption of what and who are in the picture.
  1. All images are accepted on the strict understanding that they may be reproduced freely in the AGC Journal. Where images are the copyright of third parties, for example: images obtained from professional photographers, press photographers or picture libraries, the sender must obtain written permission from the copyright holder to reproduce the image(s) in the AGC Journal.
  1. Where there are children in pictures, the written permission (in original) of the parents or guardian must accompany the article.

Planning and Preparation

  1. Before writing an article please use the structure provided in the specimen article template. This will make the Editor’s work easier and help you to have your article published.
  1. List of things to do and NOT to do:

Please DO the following:

a. Send in your article to reach the Editor before the deadline date, NOT on the deadline date.

b. Use MS Word in Arial 12 point using the Normal template.

c. Write between 550 and 600 words for a one page article or between 1100 to 1200 words for a two page article.

d. Use left justification for all text.

e. Include the full rank, e.g. Lance Corporal (NOT LCpl), first name and last name of the author.

f. Use the full rank, first names and last names for everyone mentioned in the article.

g. Ensure you spell everyone’s name correctly.

h. Ensure that articles about your unit on operations or training for operations is cleared by the senior AGC member and Brigade staff.

i. Send the article to the Editor on a CD/DVD. EMail should be the second choice.

j. Send good quality images with each article.

k. Make sure to include an image of the author of the article.

l. Ensure you have permission to use photographs and have written

permission to use Copyright images.

m. Include the captions for the photographs in the text with the correct file

naming conventions.

n. Ensure you have original written permission from parents or guardians where

there are pictures of children. The written permission, in original, must accompany the article.

o. Make sure to complete the Article Submission Sheet and send it with the article.

12. Please DO NOT do the following:

a. Do not try to do the job of the Editor or Publisher. You will be wasting your time.

b. Do not send an article without photo images.

c. Do not send photographs printed by a PC. Send the jpeg file.

d. Do not write about events that took place before January 2013 or send photos that were taken before January 2013.

e. Do not use any other font than Arial 12 point.

f. Do not write more than 600 words for a one page article, or 1,200 words for

a two page article.

g. Do not use capital letters for the article heading.

h. Do not use Bold, Italics or underline at all.

i. Do not underline the heading.

j. Do not use centre, right or full justification.

k. Do not use columns.

l. Do not use a carriage return (enter) at the end of each line.

m. Do not use any tabulation in the text.

n. Do not use brackets to enclose text.

o. Do not indent the start of any paragraphs.

p. Do not use tables in the article.

q. Do not use abbreviations without an explanation of what they mean.

r. Do not use Exclamation marks (!).

s. Do not use hyphens unless absolutely necessary.

t. Do not use single quotes for a quotation, use double quotes.

u. Do not abbreviate dates, use the full day, full month and full year.

v. Do not use semi colons and colons unless grammatically correct.

w. Do not use nicknames in the middle of naming someone.

x. Do not embed digital images in a Word document. They cannot be used.

y. Do not send a Powerpoint presentation. It cannot be used.

z. Do not wait until the last minute to send in your article.

aa. Do not include a list of comings and goings from your unit.

bb. Do not list all the members of your unit at the head of the article.

cc. Do not use derogatory terms, bad language or defamatory statements.

dd. Do not send low resolution digital images.

ee. Do not send articles that may cause offence or damage the reputation of your unit or the Corps or the Army.