Advanced Apprenticeships In

Advanced Apprenticeships In

Advanced Apprenticeships In

Sporting Excellence (AASE)

Dear Coach, Parents and Boxers,

The course is perfect for boxers looking to go in to further education and continue to trainat ahigh standard. In addition, those who would usually have not gone in to further education as they had not found a subject they are passionate about.

The First 2 year cohort coursehas been exceptionally positive with our current cohort developing both as boxers and academics with some going on to university and one gaining an England vest. With significant progression in their boxing Diploma, BTEC sport diplomas and boxing skill, the AASE scheme has proved to date to be a great success.

Please read on for further information regarding the scheme.

Adam Haniver

AASE Boxing Coach

or 07825 684196

Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE)

Level 3 Boxing Scheme

... supported by the Amateur Boxing Association of England.

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The AASE framework has been designed

to meet the needs of young people

“who have the realistic potential

to achieve excellence in their sport and

are seeking to perform at the highest level

in that sport as their main career goal”.

The framework recognises and provides for the facts that:

  • Only a small minority of the young people who embark on elite training in boxing are ultimately successful in sustaining a professional career and, in many cases, young players fail to realise their early potential or suffer injuries that impede their development.
  • Even if a young person is successful in achieving a professional contract, their career as a performer has a limited lifespan.

The AASE Framework

Level 3 Diploma in Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance (Edexcel)
Technical Certificate
Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport
orLevel 3 BTEC Diploma in Sport
orLevel 2 Diploma in Sport
Including CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructing Qualification
Community Sport Leaders Award (CSLA)
Functional Skills
Level 2 English
Level 2 Maths

AASE Boxers must complete ALL elements

of the programme

in order to achieve the AASE qualification


As Apprentices, boxers will be evaluated on their technical skills, tactical skills, physical capability and mental skills. They will have individualized programmes to develop these skills. This training will take place at their respective AASE College/school and also at their own boxing club.

The competitiveprogramme will be provided by a number of opportunities with:

i)the boxers own club,

ii)the High Performance Boxing Academies

-Bradford College

-City College, Brighton and Hove

-South Gloucestershire & Strood College (formally Filton College)

-The Priory School, Orpington

-South Leicestershire College

-Bolton College

-Gateshead College

iii)the Amateur Boxing Association of England

Diploma in Achieving Excellence in Sporting Performance

Achieving Excellence in Sporting Performance at Level 3 was designed to meet the particular needs set out above. Four of the nine units directly provide for the assessment of elite performers application of:

Technical Skills

Tactical Skills

Physical & Nutrition

Mental Skills

The remaining four units address wider issues such as

Lifestyle Management

Career Management

Working with Other People

Health and Safety

Sports Coaching

Whilst these are extremely important issues for elite performers, they are also crucial for a successful transfer to secondary or supplementary careers.

This qualification is a certificated recognition of the skills, knowledge and understanding that they are developing in their ambition to achieve excellence in boxing. Assessment is based on what they can do.

They will be required to demonstrate competence by providing evidence, which shows thatthey:

-can perform all the specified tasks consistently to the required standard.

-understand why they are doing things.

-can apply the required skills in different ways.
Units for Level 3 Diploma inAchieving Excellence in Sports Performance

Individual Reviews

Regular Individual Reviews are conducted at 8-10 weekly intervals in order to ensure that all Apprentices can fulfill their true potential. The Progress Review identifies the level of progress made, and agreed actions. Reviews will be conducted in the following areas:

  • L3 diploma in Sporting Excellence
  • Technical Certificate(s)
  • Functional Skills
  • Health & Safety/Equality & Diversity Issues
  • Overall sporting progress

Exit and Progression Routes

The AASE programme is designed to give Apprentices the best chance of developing and maintaining a career as an elite sports performer. The opportunities of becoming a professional boxer are limited, so many will have to look at other employment prospects when they exit from the AASE programme. The NVQ is designed to consider this issue.

To help a successful exit and progression from AASE

  • Manage your own Careercovers the process that needs to be undertaken in order to plan and manage a career in golf, as well as identify and plan an alternative career path.
  • Specialist career guidance staff at FiltonCollege are available to support and guide career planning.
  • The ABAE will also provide guidance for the educational and vocational courses in preparation for a second career.

Application Form

If you would like to become an AASE Boxing Student, please complete the next 2 forms and mail them to;

Adam Haniver, City College East, Wilson Avenue, Brighton, BN2 5PB.

Call 0782568419. Or email it to;



Boxing Club Affiliated to (if so)______

Club Coach Name______Phone No______

Boxing or other combat sport


Bouts Won______BoutsLost______

College/School Attended Address______

GCSE Maths Grade______GCSE English Grade______

Key Skills/Functional Skills Achieved?______

Where did you hear about AASE Boxing?