Actions Outstanding for HG Committee As at Jan 17Th 2009

Actions Outstanding for HG Committee As at Jan 17Th 2009

Minutes of Harmonic Generation 16th Planning Committee Meeting

Monday, June 6, 2011

At The Cock & Bull, Nepean, 10-11:25 pm

Present: Paul Jay, Janet Lo, Shannon Walker, Christian Laprade, Stephen Szabo.

Agenda: Top of Form


1. Approve agenda
2. Approve minutes of January meeting (all)
3. Finance update (Shannon)

4. Concert debrief

5. Website

6. Recruitment

7. More gigs?

8. Recording plans

9. Other business

10. Adjournment, set date for next meeting

Bottom of Form

1) Approve agenda (all agreed).

2) Approve minutes of March meetings (approved)

3) Update on Finances:

HG has a health bank balance - $4,700 in the bank, should remain this way until the end of May. Current expenses owing are: rebate to Carolyn for pro-rated fees, some concert disbursements ($300 to OJJB and $685 contribution to the Distress Centre, church venue has already been paid). Goals to spend money for the group: sound equipment, demo, development and training for the group. Signing authority will be solved this summer and we will successfully transfer signing authority from Steve Kennedy to Schven.

4) Concert debrief

Venue was good – we should keep this venue in mind for future gigs. The church does book up well in advance so we need to factor this into future decision making. The Distress Centre is very appreciative of our contribution and they have posted a thank you to HG in their Newsletter – we will reproduce this thank you on our website.

Next time, we will need a group member to coordinate volunteers for the door, set up and take down. We may also want to consider having a theme and add songs to the repertoire that fit the theme.

We should start checking venues for our Christmas concert now. A-Channel is a tool for promotion that we should go back to. They have invited us back for a Christmas theme morning show.

5) Website

The front page publicity advertising our concert has been removed – will add results from the concert as well as the Distress Centre’s thank you message to HG. YouTube clips are to be embedded. Photos will be added to the site. We will try to add short clips of the songs to fade in and out. The updated Policy Document will be added to the website.

6) Recruitment

We are sad to see Will and Matt leave. Sean Jones has been auditioned and will be joining the group – he sings in the baritone range comfortably but can get up to the tenor range. We will be holding annual auditions in the fall. Paul met with NCAC and we will host an open house rehearsal at NCAC as part of their community “open house” on Sunday, October 2. We may want to see if A-Channel wants to come film the open house rehearsal and help us publicize the auditions in October. Publicity will be needed of the fall auditions and of our recruitment needs.

Target recruitment schedule: Oct 2 open rehearsal, Oct 8 auditions.

ACTION: Janet will repost the recruitment ad on Kijiji and Craigslist.

7) More gigs?

The focus now shifts to Christmas and Spring concerts. The Committee discussed whether the goal is to do the Christmas concert with mikes. If so, we need to spend money on sound equipment – namely a 20 mike mixer – with a feedback device and power speaker. The group needs to consider the storage situation.

We will also plan a fall retreat date, which should include new recruits. Target retreat date is Sunday, October 23 or Sunday, October 30.

ACTION: Christian will scope out the cost and viability of potential sound system options – both new and used.

8) Recording plans

Paul now has XP so the only question is when to start recording. Perhaps at the last rehearsal in June, we could get a draft recording. We also need to make sure we have enough voices for the four recording pieces.

9) Other business

The Planning Committee discussed the management of the parts register. The process for parts has been and will continue to be that Paul assigns parts. Janet keeps track of the parts in the parts register, so she may advise Paul of certain considerations to be taken into account such as the number of voices on each part to achieve vocal balance and contingency plans in case of the absence of a crucial part. If there are any issues with assigned parts, they should be raised with Paul as Musical Director.

10) Adjournment, set date for next meeting

Meeting adjourned at 11 p.m. Next meeting to take place in a couple months.

Janet Lo June/11