Accreditation Steering Committee May 6, 2016 Minutes Page 1

Accreditation Steering Committee May 6, 2016 Minutes Page 1

Accreditation Steering Committee – May 6, 2016 – Minutes – Page 1

Members: Julie Brown, Monica Chahal, Matthew Clark, Christopher Howerton, Al Konuwa, Annette Lee, Siria Martinez, Sonia Ortiz-Mercado, Michael White

Recorder: Jennifer Gibson

Absent: Monica Chahal

Item / Description / Owner / Action/ Information / Background
I / Approval of Agenda / All / Action / Add Annette Lee, Remove Julie Brown from Standard III - Approved
II / Approval of Minutes / All / Action / Siria Martinez and Sonia Ortiz-Mercado were present & Matt Clark will make changes to the Updates sections – Sent to Group will be approved via electronically
III / Updates / Konuwa / Information/ Discussion
Updates to the website, we need to determine who is in charge of making those changes. Jennifer Gibson will be in charge of uploading agendas and minutes to Accreditation webpage.
A request was made at the Board meeting for compensation for faculty co-chairs or leaders for both colleges at accreditation. Greg Gassman and Matt Clark are meeting on Thursday with the Chancellor for decision.
We will hold off assigning a co-chair until compensation is approved.
IV / Final Review of Operational Agreement / All / Information/ Discussion
Changes were approved by the College Council. Academic Senate needs to have a second reading. College Council said that new format of Operating Agreements will go out in fall.
Change was made to Committee Norms.
PRVT meets on the 19th of May to discuss the Operating Agreement changes.
Discuss in more detail on fifth Fridays.
VI / Standards Chairs Recruitment / Assignment to Sub Standards / All / Information/ Discussion / Standard I – Martinez and White
Standard II – Howerton, Ortiz-Mercado, and Chahal
Standard III – Konuwa and Brown
Standard IV – Clark and White
Sub Standards are now becoming Area Standards.
We will begin to form area standards at Convocation. Formalize after convocation.
We should create one statement from the ASC to ASWCC to add students/classified. Matt Clark will create the statement recruitment sheet with the standards in context in the next week or so. There will also be a letter to ASLCC and LCC/CCC Classified. This will be sent to Steve Wylie for handling.
Annette Lee will become the other chair on Standard III.
VI / Protocols for Evidence Collection / Gibson / Information/ Discussion
Task for Jennifer Gibson:
  • Naming Protocol – At next meeting, will bring samples of other accreditation reports and evidence. She will have conversation with Renee Hamilton and Zulema Zermeno to discuss naming and incorporating evidence.
  • Create templates for standards in appropriate folders.
  • Create a Resource folder.

VII / Review of Planning Agenda and Recommendations
  1. Assign this task
/ All / Information/ Discussion
VIII / Review Timeline and Accomplishments to Date / All / Information/ Discussion
Request Ana Villagrana reach out to Cathy Richter/Chancellor regarding quarterly Board reporting.
IX / Future Agenda Items