Accounting 323 - Advanced Accounting

Accounting 323 - Advanced Accounting

Department of Accounting

College of Business and Administration

Drexel University

Course Syllabus - Summer 2007


Instructor: Jane E. Kaplan

Office: Matheson Hall, Suite 504-J

Telephone: (215) 895-1455


Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 2:30-4:00, and by appointment.


Intermediate Accounting, Kieso, Weygandt, and Warfield, 12th edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 200. ISBN: 0-471-77192-9

Recommended Materials: Study Guide to Accompany Textbook

Each student is required to have a basic calculator. Cell phones cannot be used in place of the basic calculator.

Recommended Materials: Study Guide to Accompany Textbook


To further advance students’ knowledge of financial accounting in the areas of asset valuation and income recognition. Course content will be linked to the “real world” accounting environment.


Exam One 300 points Grades:900-1000 = A

Exams Two and Three 500 points800- 899 = B

Quizzes 150 points700- 799 = C

Class Participation50 points600- 699 = D

Total 1,000 points Below 600 = F

There will be no extra credit assignments.


The date of the each exam is indicated on the attached assignment sheet; the Final Exam will be scheduled by SRC. If a student misses an interim exam, the weight and content of the missed exam will be automatically added to the Final Exam. Exams will test both problem-solving abilities and knowledge of theory and concepts. The final exam is not comprehensive; it will only test material on which you have not yet been tested.


There will be 6 in-class, closed book quizzes each worth 30 points. The lowest quiz score will be dropped. The date of the each quiz is indicated on the attached assignment sheet. There will be no make-up quizzes.


Students who do well in Accounting 321 are those who attend class regularly, and make a substantial effort to read the text and prepare the recommended exercises and problems prior to class. Therefore, I will assign up to 50 points for participation in classroom discussion. Please note that attendance will be taken at each session.


A grade of incomplete (I) will only be given to students who miss the Final Exam due to serious illness or a death in the family. A doctor's note or obituary must be provided in order for this grade to be given. Any student who misses the Final Exam and does not abide by this policy will receive an automatic grade of zero for the Final Exam.


Friday, August 3, 2007 is the last day that students are permitted to withdraw or drop from a course. After that date, students are permitted to withdraw only in case of serious illness.


Students are expected to check Blackboard Vista and their email during the week for the following: Chapter notes, power points, assignments, announcements and other important information.


Drexel University is committed to a learning environment that embraces academic honesty.

  • In order to protect and maintain a superior learning environment at LeBow College of Business, all students must review and adhere to Drexel University’s Academic Honestly Policy. For Details see:

(pages 50-52)

  • Forms of academic dishonesty include plagiarism, fabrications, cheating, and academic misconduct. Students are responsible for the authenticity of material submitted both for individual and group work.
  • The Hagerty Library offers a brief online tutorial for recognizing and avoiding plagiarism at:


Student with disabilities requesting accommodations and services at Drexel University need to present a current accommodation verification letter (AVL) to faculty before accommodations can be made. AVL’s are issued by the Office of Disability Services (ODS). For additional information, contact the ODS at, 3201 Arch St., Suite 210, Philadelphia, PA 19104, (voice) 215.895.1401 or (TTY) 215.895.2299.


Week of: Session: Topic Assignment:

June 25 Monday Organization and Introduction/

The Accounting Information Chapter 3


Wednesday The Accounting Information Chapter 3

System E3-10, 17, 18, P3-7

July 2 Monday Conceptual Framework Underlying Chapter 2

Financial Accounting E2-5

Quiz 1

Wednesday University Holiday – No Class

July 9Monday Income Statement and Related Chapter 4

Information E4-8

Wednesday Income Statement and Related Chapter 4 and 5

Information / Balance Sheet E4-10, 16, E5-5

And Statement of Cash Flows Quiz 2

July 16 Monday Balance Sheet and Statement Chapter 5

of Cash Flows P5-5

Wednesday Exam 1: Chapters 2-5

July 23 Monday Cash and Receivables Chapter 7


Wednesday Cash and Receivables Chapter 7

E7-14, 19

Quiz 3

July 30 Monday Valuation of Inventories: Chapter 8 pg 367-83

A Cost Basis Approach E8-12, 15

Wednesday same as above Chapter 8 pg 384-98


Quiz 4


Week of: Session: Topic Assignment:

Aug 6 Monday Additional Valuation Issues Chapter 9

E9-10, P9-7, 10, 13

Wednesday Exam 2: Chapters 7-9

Aug 13 Monday Plant, Property and Equipment: Chapter 10 pg 469-81

Acquisition & Disposal E10-5, 10

Wednesday same as above Chapter 10 pg 482-94 E10-16

Quiz 5

Aug 20 Monday Depreciation, Impairments, Chapter 11 pg 519-32

and Depletion E11-2, 6

Wednesdaysame as above Chapter 11 pg 533-45


Quiz 6

Aug 27 MondayIntangible Assets Chapter 12 pg 571-584


Wednesdaysame as above Chapter 12 pg 584-99

E12-12, 14

Final Exam (Chapter 10-12)

Time and Place to be announced

Please be aware that this syllabus may change and it is your responsibility to keep up with these changes. In addition, let me know if you anticipate being absent or late for class.