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May 12, 2015 / [Academic Senate Agenda]

Academic Senate Agenda

May 12, 2015

3:00 – 5:00 PM

Faculty Resource Center Training Room, A-116

Members: Carol Kimbrough (President), Christopher Moss, Ann Wright, Nancy-Schur-Beymer, Liz Estrella, Tony Anderson, (Steering Committee); Senators: Slava Bekker, Fernando Cabrera, Melissa Hornstein, Jason Hough, Salina Lopez, Peggy Mayfield, Sam Pacheco, Lisa Storm, Steve Triano

Guests: David Phillips, representatives from standing committees, David Beymer

1.  Call to Order and Welcome

2.  Adopt Agenda

3.  Approval of Minutes, 4/28/2015

4.  Public Comments: ten minutes (3-minute maximum per person) are set aside to receive comments on agenda items or items not on the agenda but within the authority (10 + 1) of the Senate

5.  Forum Discussion (30 minutes presentation, Q/A) Dave Phillips/DE Committee

A.  Moving from Etudes to Canvas – reasons, benefits, concerns, implementation timelines

6.  Action Items:

A.  BP/AP 5050, Student Success and Support Program

B.  AP 5055, Enrollment Priorities

C.  AP 3435, Discrimination and Harassment Investigations

D.  Recommend Faculty Appointments:

1.  Ron Waddy to Safety Committee

E.  Framework for Establishing Institutional Effectiveness Goals, David Beymer

1.  Establishment of Required Short-Term Goals

F.  Transfer authority to Steering Committee as described in Senate Bylaws

7.  Discussion and information items:

A.  Noncredit Curriculum: Minimum Qualifications

B.  Student questionnaire for faculty evaluation process – Chris Moss

C.  Year-end reports: standing committees:

a. Pam Weise, Faculty Professional Development & Flex Committee

b. Ann Wright, Full Time Faculty Hiring Committee

c. Jason Hough, Student Success Committee

d. Cheryl O’Donnell, Outcomes & Assessment Committee

e. Christina Esparza-Luna, DE Committee

f.  Carol Kimbrough, Curriculum Committee & Academic Senate

D.  Appointments to College Governance Councils to commence Fall 2015

E.  Continued Topics and Goals for 2015-16

8.  Announcements (Senators): updates on standing committee/shared governance activities

9.  Adjournment

10+1: Curriculum ▪ Degrees & Certificates ▪ Grading Policies ▪ Educational Programs Development ▪ Standards & Policies: Student Preparation & Success ▪ Faculty Roles in Governance Structures ▪ Faculty Roles in Accreditation Processes ▪ Policies for Faculty Professional Development ▪ Program Review Processes ▪ Processes for Institutional Planning and Budget Development ▪ Other Academic & Professional Matters