A Map and a Warning

A Map and a Warning

The Dream :

A Map And A Warning

In the dream, I was walking along a road (not sure where) and I met a preacher. He acted a little strange as he talked to me. His question to me sounded like: Are you worthy to be a holiness preacher? I’m not sure exactly what he meant by worthy. He seemed a little hesitant to accept me, but then gradually began to fellowship with me, as a brother in Christ. Then the scene changed.

For a short time, I began to see very many soldiers marching across a field. It gave the appearance of a dress parade, but they were armed with weapons and ready to attack. The field was paved, maybe like a landing field. I thought they were American soldiers, but their uniforms were made of a bright silver material. This gave me the feeling that they were not “totally” American, but possibly a “mixture” of some other nations.


After the brief talk with the preacher, I noticed a small airplane nearby. It looked like a reconnaissance or spy plane. There was something about it that was just not right. It was about to take off, but I ran to it and tore part of the wing off. Then I reached inside and picked up a large map. It was folded like a large flag, and was made of cloth. The map was of America with the outline figure of a man in the middle section of the map. It looked like the outline figure of the man was around three states, near the center of the map. Also, the words AS THE WORLD, OR AMERICA, WAS AFTER 1864 were printed near the center.


As I looked at the map, a brother in Christ (a dear friend for many years) appeared near me. We were both looking at it and talking about it, when suddenly my Christian brother said, This is important and very dangerous. Then we understood that these three states will be destroyed by our government, and be used for “war games” by our military. Nuclear bombs will be exploded in these areas. We both agreed that the people in that area must be alerted. Surely the Lord was giving us a specific warning for those people. Then the Lord told us that only a remnant of them would hear us and take heed to the warning.

After our discussion, we tacked the strange looking map on a wall, so we could stretch it out for further study. In the dream, the wall was brick and was partly shattered, as if it had been hit by a bomb. Shortly after we had attached it to the wall, we took it down. We felt that the people in the spy plane would probably come and take it. Then this part of the dream ended.

I believe that the dream that I have written about was from the Lord. So far, the Lord has not told us what to do concerning this dream. We are waiting for the Lord to guide us in this matter. In Acts 2:17, the Lord said… “your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams.”

Bro. Arthur Reece

had this dream on April 16, 2006