A Completely New Range of Split-Systems

A Completely New Range of Split-Systems

November 1999


A completely new range of Split-systems

Innovative design and flexibility of use characterise the new Split-systems in AIRWELL’s California range. Wall or ceiling-mounted, California is the first air conditioning unit especially designed to provide the greatest comfort, both for the installer and the user.

Available in cooling only and heatpump versions, the California SX air conditioning units operate on direct expansion. They are supplied with R22 or R407C refrigerant and comprise two separate parts :

• An indoor air treatment unit

- Optional electric heating

- Air filters

- "Two-directional air flow" kit

• An outdoor condenser unit

- Anti-corrosion protection ("high density" powder paint)

- « All around the year » function

- Rotary compressors (on models 9 to 15)

- Reinforced insulation

- Helicoïdal fan

Comfort... for the installer

Thanks to its weight and reduced size, California simplifies the fitting of its elements and facilitates maintenance operations.

• Simplified installation

- The indoor unit is supplied with a fitting template to help the installer save time.

- The wall support (indentical for wall or ceiling mounting) is systematically supplied, so the pipe work pre-fitting can be done (rear, left or right outlet), to make the installation even simpler and therefore even faster.

• Efficient maintenance

- The pivoting electrical board can be accessed without having to remove the facade. The side panel completely frees the electrical and cooling parts for greater accessibility.

- The microprocessor that controls all the appliance’s functions is identical to those used in the rest of the Comfort range.

• Comfort... for the user

The AIRWELL California range is innovative, with its ease of use, its modern design and a new approach to air distribution.

• Advanced electronic functions

- Built-in electronic thermostat enabling the temperature to be controlled to the nearest degree

- Automatic double sweep of the treated air: horizontal and vertical

- Automatic cooling/heating function

- Automatic fan (with a choice of 3 speeds + 1 automatic)

- "I Feel" function, for localised temperature control

- Slow-down at night

- Dehumification

- 2 programmable clocks (week + weekend)

• A new approach to air distribution

Equipped with a two-directional air flow kit (optional), the California Split-system units can air condition two adjoining rooms at the same time. While the air intake is always in the room where the air conditioning unit is installed, the air can be blown out in this room (classic air conditioning), or in an adjacent room, thanks to a blower outlet positioned through the wall. This is two-directional air flow.

• Modern aesthetics

With its small size and its new design, with soft, rounded lines, this range fits harmoniously into all types of decor, both in the commercial and the residential sectors.

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